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C’est La Video: Green Smoothie

I’ve been wanting to do a post about green smoothies for a while, and I was way overdue for shooting a new video, so I figured I’d tackle both at once!  With the New Year upon us and so many people making resolutions to eat a more healthy diet, I thought I’d show you guys [...]

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C’est La Video: Pasta with “Meat” Sauce & Speedy Garlic Bread

Do you guys know about Meatless Mondays?  If you’re one of my non-vegan readers, you may not have heard of this campaign, but it’s becoming more and more mainstream, and now even Oprah is in on it.  I’ve been wanting to start a Meatless Monday feature on the blog for a while now, and I’m [...]

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Herbivore and Food Fight! Give-Away

UPDATE:  The winner of the Food Fight! tote bag is Angela, who said… “I have been dreaming of visiting Portland for years, moreso every time I hear of awesome vegan places there (like Herbivore and Food Fight!) I think I might have to hit up the doughnuts first!” ___ And the winner of the necklace [...]

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