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Several years ago I read the book “The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World” by John Robbins (one of my favorite people in the world).  It was the first time that I learned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in relation to our food supply, and what a truly frightening prospect they are.  At the time it kind of felt that the threat was something off in the distance, and that if I continued to eat a vegan diet I would be helping the cause.

We tried to make sure to buy soy products that were labeled “non-GMO”, but other than that, we didn’t really focus on significantly altering our diet.  That changed this past June when Ryan was at the Bonnaroo Music Festival screening Bidder 70.  He met fellow filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and his wife, Jen, who were there to support Jeremy’s film GMO OMG.  The documentary explores a father’s journey to learn more about how GMOs are affecting his family, and ultimately the world at large.  You can check out the trailer here.

Ryan was really happy to have met the Seiferts, but he also had an “oh crap” moment when he realized that we weren’t going to be able to just look the other way anymore when it came to GMOs.  Now we’re only buying organic products when we’re able, we’re making an effort to buy GMO-free certified foods, and we’re much more inquisitive at farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants.

Regardless of your diet or political beliefs, I really recommend you check out this film.  You won’t only be supporting some amazing people who are working hard to bring important information to the masses, you’ll also be educating yourself about an issue that affects you more than you know.  Check out this link to find out about upcoming screenings (the film opens in New York and LA next month), and “like” the GMO OMG Facebook page for great articles, info about the film and lots of other good stuff.

How do you guys feel about GMOs?  Do you avoid them, or look the other way?

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7 Responses to “See This Documentary – GMO OMG”

  1. I wish it could be played in Vancouver as well! Since GMO products are in all our foods these days, we should at least educate or give information to people about what they are eating and how it may affect their health. Thank you for introducing a nice film.

  2. Actually, humans have been genetically modifying our food crops for thousands of years. Both selective breeding and hybridization significantly alter the genome of plants. Most of the foods we eat today have been radically altered from their initial form, and long before GMO technology was implemented.

    “No effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of G.M. foods by the general population in the countries where they have been approved.” – World Health Organization

    “Foods derived from G.M. crops have been consumed by hundreds of millions of people across the world for more than fifteen years with no reported ill effects (or legal cases related to human health) despite many of the consumers coming from that most litigious of countries the U.S.A.” – Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine

    In addition, the European Commission and the National Academy of Sciences (in the United States) have strongly endorsed the safety of G.M. foods.

    Jeremy Seifert’s failure in this film to consult actual scientists or offer any compelling scientific research supporting his claim that GMO foods are dangerous (or even detrimental) leave this vegan and skeptic with a bad taste in his mouth for this type of sensationalistic and misguided documentary.

  3. Why was my previous comment deleted? Was it offensive or inappropriate in any way? Did you not solicit opinions at the end of your post? Or are all dissenting views automatically censored? Would you appreciate being disallowed from expressing your opinions in a rational, suitable manner with other vegans? Wouldn’t you feel slighted by not even being allowed to respectfully disagree?
    Look, I’m no shill for Monsanto. I find their business practices dubious at best. But scientific scrutiny has absolutely not demonstrated that genetic modification of our food crops is harmful. If you have any reliable evidence to the contrary, please send it to me.
    Regardless, I find it disingenuous and even a bit cowardly to not allow any comments that differ with your own viewpoint. Don’t you? Or does being personal friends with the Seiferts mean that you have to shield them from any and all scrutiny despite the fact that you give the appearance of being open to readers comments on this blog?

  4. Hi, John – no censorship intended. I don’t have as much time to dedicate to the blog these days as I’m a full-time mom, and it’s a pretty crazy full-on job. I’m only able to go through comments a couple times a month if I’m lucky (and not too fried). Apologies for not approving your comments sooner. I welcome any and all opinions.

  5. No problem, Kim. Sorry if I jumped the gun on my posts not appearing.

    I didn’t intend to be overly contentious about the issue of GMO, but I hate to see ignorance like this applauded.

    Thanks for everything you do in the name of veganism. Debating other issues is fine as long as we stay united on that cause.

  6. I saw this! It’s pretty informative and a real problem… Thanks for getting the word out there.