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earth balance 3 snacks

As a fan of Earth Balance products, I was really excited when they contacted me with information about their new line of vegan snack foods.  I tried all of them but the Vegan Buttery Flavored Popcorn.  Here’s what I thought…

earth balance pb popps

These P.B. Popps were my favorite of the bunch.  I just wish they came in a bigger bag – though it’s probably better for me that they don’t.  I’m a sucker for anything peanut butter, and these little pieces of popcorn hidden in a not-too-sweet peanut butter and oat coating were totally addictive to me.  My favorite part was the little PB coated peanuts that had fallen off the larger chunks.  Pure heaven.

earth balance cheddar popcorn

I was a huge Smartfood popcorn fan, so I had high hopes for this vegan aged white cheddar flavored popcorn.  While this was really tasty, it didn’t totally capture that white cheddar flavor for me, but I’m a tough audience for this one.  It was Ryan’s favorite of the bunch, and he knows his way around a bag of popcorn.

earth balance cheddar puffs

While we both really liked the other two snacks, unfortunately neither Ryan nor I could really get into these puffs.  For me, it was the not-quite-real white cheddar taste again.  It didn’t bother me so much with the popcorn, but because of the texture of these it was more pronounced for me.  Ryan felt the same way.  We were thinking these would be light and airy like Veggie Booty, but instead the pieces were really big and kind of heavy and dense.  Maybe we just weren’t expecting that, but for whatever reason these were our least favorite of the bunch.

That being said I’d still recommend checking out all these snacks so that you can make up your own mind.  As you can see from the “best by” dates, I tried these awhile ago, so I imagine they’re in even more markets now that when they first came out.  Just having some great and convenient vegan snacks out there is a huge step forward.  Have you had a chance to try these yet?  What did you think?

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11 Responses to “earth balance snacks”

  1. I really love the white cheddar popcorn, so yummy. I wish we could get it here.

  2. Sweet nuttaliciousness…PB Popps! So glad VeganEssentials has these…I must try them. Thanks for the review!

  3. I felt the same way about the puffs. I just couldn’t get into the texture. But I really like the popcorn!

  4. I am crazy about the puffs!! I agree, they’re a little dense (probably because of the navy beans), but I can still eat a handful…or two. Even my omni husband will buy them to share at parties. Still holding out for vegan Cheetos, but for now, these will do. Can’t wait to try the PB Popps!

  5. I gotta try those PB popps, I’m also a sucker for anything peanut butter. Also, it’s really easy to write PB poops instead of PB popps.

  6. Could you make your own with popped corn and nutritional yeast, other herbs and a little oil? (of whatever kind!)

  7. I was a big Smartfood cheese popcorn fan too. I wish there was a good subsitute. Thank you for your honest review of Earth Balance.

  8. I’m with Shannon. I LOVE the puffs. They’re so good! I thought the aged cheddar flavor was really good – not at all nutritional yeast-y or that “cmon, it kind of tastes like cheese” that characterizes so many cheese-like vegan foods. And my omni husband can’t be trusted around them. We don’t buy them anymore because a bag only lasts a day at our house. We also use them to share at parties with omni guests – they always go over well.

  9. Hi, Shania! We actually make popcorn like that all the time, and we love it. It doesn’t really capture the white cheddar flavor, but I actually like it even more.


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