Experimenting – Mango Unstrained

As any kitchen adventurer knows, sometimes the recipes you experiment with don’t work out so well.  Such was the case with my attempt at a mango cocktail for our Oscar party.  This was going to be “D’Mango Unstrained”, our pun on the film D’Jango Unchained.

Here’s what happened… I blended frozen mango chunks with lime juice and agave nectar.  Then I mixed that with some vodka over ice.  In one glass I topped it off with sparkling clementine juice, and in another glass I used club soda.

The clementine version was tasty, but the mango was overpowered by the orange flavor.  The club soda version was kind of boring, and even with adding more mango mix, it just wasn’t that great.  If the whole point of the drink is mango, you know you’d better actually taste some!

I’m writing about this failed attempt because I hope it will encourage you to experiment in the kitchen, and to not worry about whether or not you’ll always make something amazing.  Each time you try you’ll at least learn something.

It took me a long time to be okay with kitchen failures (for lack of a better word).  I used to freak out when things didn’t go how I’d planned, and I was really intimidated to stray from recipes.  But you win some, and you lose some, as they say.  Now I realize that creating is half the fun.  If it doesn’t work out this time, hopefully next time will be better.

And as for our D’Jango slot at the party, I’ve had another idea on that front.  I’ll post about it after the party, so stay tuned…


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