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I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most technologically savvy person, and I feel like I’ve been out of things for over a year, so cut me some slack when I tell you that I’m just finally starting to use Instagram.  Yes, I’m very behind the curve here.

Now that I’m up to speed, I’m starting to get addicted.  These days I mostly take photos on the fly anyway, and it’s nice to be able to share some shots without having to write a whole post to accompany them.  That’s not to say you won’t ever see Instagram shots in posts – get ready for that y’all!  Here’s a sampling of  some recent shots… (and you can follow me on Instagram at “cestlavegan”)

Pearl-sized portions of pureed sweet potatoes:

gardein Beefless Burger with a whole lotta bun:

Fresh raspberries and my new favorite Vanilla Soy Yogurt from Trader Joe’s:

Tomato Pudding drizzled with balsamic vinegar:

And of course, my most photographed subject… Baby Pearl!  I took this the first time she stood up in her crib:

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