Quinoa, Corn & Black Beans

Hi, guys!  I’m slowly coming out from under the craziness that is having a newborn baby to care for, and I actually have a minute to write up a post.  I hope to have more time before another two months (or more… ahem) goes by.

Let me start by saying that if you have any friends who’ve recently had babies, or even not that recently – bring them food!  I can’t tell you what a big help our friends were when we first brought Pearl home from the hospital and in the weeks that followed.  Most of them aren’t vegan or even vegetarian so we were even more touched that they went out of their way to get us vegan meals.  Our biggest and most heartfelt thanks to Karen & Brian, Rebecca & Matt, Jason & Marion, Robert & Ro, Larry & Sara, Mr. Joe, Steph & Bob, Megan & Mike, Matt & Katie and Dave & Molly of Madeleine Bistro.

I’ve been meaning to write about this tasty Quinoa, Corn and Black Bean meal for weeks, partly to thank my dear friend Karen for making it for us, and also because it was so yummy!  We ate this with tortilla chips and some guacamole we had in the fridge, and it was a really satisfying weeknight meal.

I’ve had a lot of dietary changes in the past weeks (which I’ll have to get into more detail about in a separate post), but the short version is that we thought Pearl had an allergy to a protein that I was eating.  For weeks I’ve been abstaining from dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, chocolate, and wheat.  Over the weekend we found out that Pearl’s issue might be totally unrelated to what I’m eating (or it might not…), so I’m still abstaining from the possible allergens while we figure it all out.  The dairy and eggs are obviously not an issue for me, but the soy, nuts, chocolate and wheat have been pretty difficult.  I feel like I’m having to re-learn how to eat all over again.

Needless to say, I look fondly back on those meals of kale and peanut noodles and New Farm mac n’ cheese that we enjoyed in Pearl’s early days.  Fortunately I can still eat this tasty Quinoa, Corn & Black Bean dish, so I’ll be making it myself sooner than later.  Another big thanks to Karen for introducing us to this healthy and delicious meal!

And just because I can’t resist, here’s a recent shot of Pearl…

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8 Responses to “Quinoa, Corn & Black Beans”

  1. she is so cute! I think it will be necessary for you to always include a photo of pearl in any blog post you do. :)

    lady, good luck eating sans soy, chocolate and wheat. what a challenge, and i look forward to reading about the tasty creations you come up with.

    hope all is well! Tera

  2. She’s gorgeous! I couldn’t agree more with the friends bringing food thing, it helps a lot and it’s so lovely. But I can’t imagine how hard it’s being for you to avoid all these things. I’m not having some food too mostly cause baby boy is pretty gassy and I don’t want to make things worst and I’m day dreaming with chocolate, coffee, broccoli and beans. But it’s all worth, isn’t it?

  3. Just found your blog! I recently switched to a vegan/plant-based diet. Great recipes and congrats on the little one. She’s BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Ahhhh, she’s so pretty. You have such thoughtful friends for bringing you food, I did the same for my sister when she had her second child. It was pretty fun to cook all those frozen meals!
    Cutting out all that stuff would be tough, but at least there are plenty of soy & wheat free recipes out there. That black bean dish looks particularly tasty, I may have to make it this week.

  5. YEP! I totally know what you are talking about. Soy is definitely affected my now 5 month old. Soy milk is out and well I believe peanut butter is affecting her. It is SOOOO hard to have to deal with these issues and even harder when you see the little one in discomfort.

  6. awww she’s precious!!! Good luck with your allergy – or rather Pearl’s allergies…I hope it all works out soon!!

  7. Purevegetarianbites 23. May, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Congratulations. She is so cute.

    Thanks for the lovely blog ;-) and your recipes are great inspiration !!!! thought You might like this http://purevegetarianbites.wordpress.com/

  8. Hi Kim. I wanted to get your take on quinoa since it is new to me. Nice to see it’s one of your recipes from this year so it’s got a baby pic as an extra feature!