Our friends with kids have been telling us to travel as much as we can before the baby comes (and to go out to dinner and the movies), so this past weekend Ryan and I took a little babymoon in Ojai (pronounced “O hi”), which is about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles.  We’d never been there before, but we’ve always heard great things about Ojai and a coupon for the Capri Hotel gave us an excuse to finally check it out.

Ojai is a small town, which was manageable for exploring since I can’t walk as far as I was able to pre-pregnancy.  There are lots of restaurants and cute shops to check out, and we also enjoyed just hanging out in the room, watching movies and playing cards and Scrabble.  It was pretty heavenly to get out of town and have some time together, which we haven’t had much of lately.

The Capri had this awesome Buddha in the garden, and we couldn’t resist getting a picture with him.  He made me feel much better about my huge belly.  We’re just chillin’ together.  That’s what you do with Buddha.

One of our favorite things about Ojai was exploring the fantastic independent grocery stores, and then checking out the Sunday Farmers’ Market.  It was small, but it had great stands and everyone there was so nice.  It was kind of a bummer to come back to LA after being in a place where we felt there was a sense of community, and of course it’s always hard to come back to the grind after a vacation.  But we eased the transition by making some Delicata Squash Bisque with these little beauties on Sunday night.  Soup makes everything better.

I’m so happy that our friends gave us the advice to get out of town together before the baby arrives.  It was a special trip that I know Ryan and I will always remember.  And unlike other vacations, coming back from this one was easier since we have so much to look forward to, and so much to do to get ready for this little girl joining our lives!

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11 Responses to “Babymoon!”

  1. I’m always meaning to check out Ojai. I’ve never heard the term babymoon before but it is so perfect.

  2. good idea to spend time together now. You will both be so busy after the baby comes.

  3. yay! so happy it was a wonderful getaway!

  4. so fun! we’re going to ojai this weekend for a wedding and were considering staying at the capri. did you like it?

  5. Despite having been born and raised in LA, I still haven’t been to Ojai! I’m so glad you two took time for a weekend away together; you both look wonderfully happy!

  6. You look fantastic with that adorable bump! Definitely make the most of your alone time together now. It’s a fun & romantic time full of anticipation. xo

  7. Love the picture with Buddha and the Squash Bisque sounds delicious. Can’t wait for your little “squash blossom” to arrive!

  8. Way to take advantage of your outings. We have only had our baby girl 2 weeks and we are we are planning on an outing. It is hard thinking of leaving the little one but a little break is good too. Love the pic of you and Buddha. My hubby also thought it was funny!

  9. Noelle! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing – just went over and read your birth story. Congrats on Baby Julianne! She’s beautiful, and I’m glad that you’re all doing well!

  10. We considered passing through for lunch on our way back to LA from Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know where to get a good vegan lunch. Where is there good vegan food there? Please do tell!

  11. froggy, they have an all-vegan cafe in town, and most of the places were really vegan friendly – there was a Mexican restaurant that offered tofu and soy cheese, and we went to a breakfast place that had a tofu scramble. They also have a ton of great independent grocery stores with lots of vegan options.