Time for Baby Power!

Our friends, Jason and Marion, have been going through a really rough time with their newborn son, Clayton.  Little Clay had open heart surgery a couple weeks ago, and he just went through another surgery yesterday to have a pace-maker installed.

It’s been a pretty emotional roller coaster ride for his parents (to say the least).  In the midst of all this, one of their friends posted a photo with the sign “Baby Power”, and the whole thing snowballed into tons of friends and family posting “Baby Power” photos on Facebook featuring their own kids, their pets or themselves.  Ryan was inspired to cut this video together for Jason and Marion, and I can’t even watch it anymore because I cry every single time!

As our community is greatly comprised of comedians, I hope some of their efforts have kept Jason and Marion laughing through the tears.  Most of all, I know they’ve felt the love and support of their community as we’re all pulling for a full recovery for little Clayton.  I wanted to write about this here so that we can generate even more baby power for the little guy, and I hope you guys will keep Clayton, his big brother Wes, and his parents in your thoughts and prayers.  Baby Power!

And a little Batman power never hurt either, at least if you ask my nephews!


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3 Responses to “Time for Baby Power!”

  1. My eldest had open heart surgery at 2 1/2 years old (they thought he would need it at birth). Strength and healing to your friends and their precious son.

  2. Thank you, veganlinda. Baby Clay is back home and continuing to recover after pacemaker surgery. We’re so grateful that he’s doing well!

  3. That got my tears flowing! What a sweet video & thoughtful video. Wishing baby power & saying many prayers for Clayton!