Spanish Moveable Feast

Alix and I threw another Moveable Feast last Saturday, and we were lucky enough to hold the event at this amazing location!  We’re so grateful to the homeowners for hosting the event.  It was the perfect setting for our Spanish-themed menu.

Here’s a shot of Alix photographing the sangria.  I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the food, but Alix posted a bunch of fantastic shots on her blog.  We’re in the process of picking our next date and theme right now, so if you have any requests we’d love to hear them!

You can contact us through and follow us on twitter, and you can always schedule your own private Moveable Feast.  Also, if you’d be up for hosting a feast, your dinner will be free!

We’re also talking about scheduling some lower-cost meals and events to try to involve more of the community and those who might not be able to justify a pricey meal.  So stay turned for more info!

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