Big News!

Well after months of waiting, I can finally share some big news – Ryan and I are expecting our first little veggie baby in January!  I’ve been dying to be able to write about this for a while, mostly because we’re so excited, but also to explain my totally falling off the map with blogging, among other things.

Now that we’re past the first trimester, it’s been awesome to be able to share this news with our families and friends, and it’s so nice to get it out there publicly as well.  Keeping it a secret was so hard!  It’s still pretty surreal, and being able to share the news makes it seem like it’s actually happening.

It’s also great to finally be getting my appetite back.  For most of my first trimester, not much sounded appetizing to me (except of course things like Popeyes Biscuits and Chocolate Pudding Pie).  I was nauseous most of the time, and on the rare occasion that I actually had a craving for something, it was generally a bland carb like toast or waffles.  I still have some off days, but I’m excited to be cooking again, and of course – eating!

And speaking of eating, that’s definitely what I’ll continue to write about here at C’est La Vegan.  I’ll probably talk about some baby stuff from time to time, as it’s kind of hard not to when it’s the biggest thing in my life, but I have no intentions of turning this into a baby only blog.  It’s still all about the food for me.

That being said, if any of you out there had vegan pregnancies or are raising vegan kids, I’d love to hear about your experiences.  I’m always looking for good book recommendations as well, so feel free to suggest away.

And here’s a shot of the little alien from a few weeks ago.  Pretty crazy!

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94 Responses to “Big News!”

  1. Congratulations! I had a vegan pregnancy and have a vegan 8 year old and a 4 year old who’s been vegan since conception! It’s not that hard and there are some good books out there now to help you!

  2. YAY!!!!! Congrats!!!! It seems like everyone is preggers nowadays. You must be so happy!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! i am so excited for you! little disney prince/ss!!

    ps you look totally gorgeous in that pic.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the bland carbs. I’m a little glad I wasn’t blogging recipes yet during my first pregnancy. My go-to foods were bagels, bagels and more bagels. So boring. So deliciously calm. I worried a bit about protein requirements and the like during pregnancy, but when I asked our OBs about it, there was no worry at all about that. The only concern they had was my iron levels, which they tested and eventually put added an iron supplement (on top of what was in the standard prenatal). I went through both pregnancies with no complications and have two healthy little girls. As for raising vegan kids, I’m letting mine choose on their own, so I don’t have much to contribute there. My oldest (now 2.5) has leaned pretty heavily toward my diet, while the baby (1) is hedging toward their father’s (he’s an omnivore). Both were perfectly healthy on their non-meat mommy milk diets for their first 12 months, though. Hope that helps. Congratulations and good luck with the nausea!

  5. huge congratulations! what exciting news. so happy for you and ryan!!!

    dang, that little one is gonna have the best birthday cakes on earth!


  6. Exciting news! I’m so happy for you. Congrats!

  7. Thanks, Nicole!

  8. Thanks, quarrygirl! This little one is already getting plenty of sweets… I totally wanted to avoid passing on my sweet tooth, but I can’t help it!

  9. Hi, krisit – thanks so much for the input! I actually just a bagel this morning. :) I was worried about protein too, but when you hear about so many women losing weight because of such severe morning sickness, I realized that everything seems to end up fine in the end, and I tried to stop worrying. Glad to hear your kids are healthy and happy!

  10. CONGRATS TO YOU AND RYAN!!! Such exciting news!! Are you going to find out the sex or be surprised?

  11. Thanks, brittany! I was so tired in that picture… we took in on the way to the farmers’ market after a Moveable Feast night. Your compliment made my day!

  12. Wow, congratulations! I have a friend expecting her first child too, about the same point, and she says she hardly gets out of bed. Something about her round ligament. She knows that physiology stuff, not me. Best Wishes and take it easy!

  13. hooray! so very excited for you guys. yay for little veggie babies! now that you’re past the nauseous bit, i’m sure s/he’ll be one of the best fed little ones out there.

  14. Thanks, Noelle! I’ve totally been following all your pregnancy news. I’ve loved reading your blog!

  15. Thanks, Anna! That’s reassuring to hear!

  16. Yay! I’m so excited for you! I wish you the best from my corner of cyberspace :)

  17. Huge congratulations to you!!! Our vegan baby is due to arrive in late November. The 1st trimester was pretty rough for me too, all I wanted to eat was bland carbs too – toast, cereal, and more toast. It’s nice to get your sense of taste & your energy for cooking back. I feel great now, although I confess to having a raging sweet tooth these days. So looking forward to hearing your pregnancy updates along with your delicious recipes! xo

  18. CONGRATULATIONS! I am a huge fan of your site and I hope that you will be able to share updates about your experience as a vegan mom. They will be well fed, that’s for sure! I am hoping to expand our (vegan) family in the next year or two myself.

  19. Congratulations to you!!! What wonderful news. I’m a vegan mama raising a vegan child who is now 9 years old and going strong. It’s quite easy to get all of your nutritional needs met as a vegan, as you know, and this includes for children, but you may encounter questions from non-vegan family members. If you want to be able to answer those, PCRM has lots of good nutritional information and booklets. And here in LA, Dr. Jay Gordon (our pediatrician) is a big supporter of kids being veg (he’s got a website with lots of Q&A on it). My only tip is to view your child as a person who can eat pretty much whatever you’re eating (except maybe the habanero salsa, if you’re into that), as opposed to a being who needs its own menus (I detest the so-called “kids menus” in restaurants). It’s been my experience that kids who are exposed, happily, to a wide variety of foods and tastes early on have very different palates than those who aren’t. If you eat a “rainbow” (a wide variety of foods) and lots of veggies and steer clear of the junkier stuff, you’ll all be just perfect. Enjoy!!! xoxo

  20. Thanks, Valerie!

  21. Thanks, Leinana – congrats to you too! And I’m right there with ya on the raging sweet tooth!

  22. Thanks for the great information, Gail!

  23. Thanks, Shannon!

  24. Congratulations! I’m also in the midst of a vegan pregnancy, and I can’t. get. enough. carbs. Simple carbs, that is! I’ve been on a bagels and/or pancakes kick for weeks now. My midwife was horrified when I told her, but then she tried to tell me that vegan nutrition was terrible and vegans shouldn’t have kids. Umm, too late lady! Thankfully, I’ve read a lot of literature that says the exact opposite, so I’m not concerned. But let’s just say there will be a lot of just smiling and nodding at my prenatal appointments whenever nutrition comes up!
    Congrats again – I hope you have a beautiful and peaceful pregnancy!

  25. YAHOO!! CONGRATS! Such great news! We need more veggie babies in the world! You two are going to make such amazing parents – this kid is going to be happy, healthy, beautiful, and smart. So excited and can’t wait to meet him/her!

  26. How wonderful! Congratulations!

  27. Congratulations! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Not telling is so hard. I waited until I was almost 5 months with my first. With my second, I couldn’t hide it so long. :)

  28. Kirstin Stieglitz 15. Aug, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    Schemp Jr. and I were just sitting here reading a little facebook and saw your post. I’m thrilled for you!! And you look marvelous, as always! Congrats again-yay babies!!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS, Kim and Ryan! I am ECSTATIC about this news! I can’t wait to see you with your belly and babysit the baby when he or she is born. Hooray!

  30. How awesome! Congratulations! You look glowing and gorgeous. Can’t wait for the baby posts. :)

  31. Wow! Congratulations! To the baby, that is, for lucking out enough to be getting a mother like you.

    I don’t know why, but I love hearing about what healthy little veg kids eat. They’re so cool; I ate a lot of junk as a kid. I’m looking forward to hearing about your little one, and good luck with your pregnancy!

  32. Thanks, Stacy! I ate a ton of junk too! I was such a picky eater; I cringe to think of what I put my parents through. Hopefully I won’t get too much bad karma…

  33. Thanks, Audrey!

  34. Thanks, Vegyogini! I’ll definitely take you up on the babysitting!

  35. Thanks, Schemp & Schemp Jr.! I’ve been thinking about you!

  36. Thanks, Lynn! Yes, having to keep the secret wasn’t fun. I felt like such a liar!

  37. Thanks, JL goes Vegan!

  38. Thanks, Eco-Vegan Gal! Your faith in us being good parents gives me a bit more – so appreciate hearing that!

  39. great news!!! congrats to you guys.

  40. Thanks, Beth! Yes, I was on a pancake kick for a while, and I’ve been craving them again lately. So sorry to hear that your midwife isn’t supportive of your diet, but at least you know better!

  41. omg! soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys!!!! congrats and your pic is lovely :) :) :)

  42. Thanks, Jennifer!

  43. Hi, I’m a long time reader of your blog and I just wanted to say congratulations! We’ve been raising our son vegan since he came into our lives at five days old. We’ve had so much fun with his food and he’s a great eater. Sometimes I’ll write about what he’s eating on our blog, but it’s nothing like the recipes you come up with. Your daughter or son is going to be very lucky, and full. :)

  44. Congrats Kim! You will have the best job ever, not the easiest, but most fulfilling. I think after I had kids, it made me see more of the world, I was missing out on. My kids teach me so many things about life and they give me moments that could never be duplicated. Can’t wait to see what will go into your baby’s lunchbox in a few years. Keep up the great work, my 5 and 2 year old salivate at all the pictures you post along with your recipes!!

  45. woohoo, congrats Kim! this is gonna be the cutest baby ever. <3

  46. Congratulations! That’s such marvelous news!