Mountainfilm in Telluride, CO

So this time I have a good excuse for not posting in a while – I was on vacation!  Blissful, fantastic, relaxing, enlightening vacation.  Ryan’s been hard at work editing the film “Bidder 70″ with filmmakers Beth and George Gage, and a work-in-progress-screening debuted at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival last week.  After all the long hours he’d been putting in at the office (sometimes even having to sleep there), it was so great to celebrate the progress that’s been made on the film.  I encourage you to check out the trailer.  It’s an important film, and I’m really proud of Ryan and the work he’s done so far.

Since we both love a good road trip, we decided to drive out to Colorado from Los Angeles, and we also ended up bringing Omar out with us.  We weren’t sure how he’d do in the car for so long a ride, but he was fantastic.  We packed plenty of snacks for the road, and we were able to borrow an awesome cooler that plugged into the car.  It was basically like having a fridge on the road and in our hotel room.  We had a couple different types of hummus, cucumbers, crackers, chips, and of course, vegan cookies!  I also made some scones for our breakfasts and general snacking.

Here’s Omar and me at a very windy lunch stop.  We were actually at a Burger King (that had an exhibit on the Navajo Code Talkers we wanted to check out), but Ryan and I enjoyed a spicy lentil wrap from Trader Joe’s on the lawn outside.  We also enjoyed a hummus wrap and a Mediterranean plate on the trip – thank god, for TJ’s!  It was really nice to not have to worry about food.

We were fortunate to have an amazing house available to us during our stay in Telluride, and it was in a great location to boot.  We loved having a kitchen so that we could make some food and not have to eat out the whole time.  Fortunately there were plenty of options for us when we did eat out, even at meals provided by the festival.

This next photo was taken at a kick-off dinner for the filmmakers, and I’ll admit that I’d been a little worried that there might not be anything for us to eat.  I was so happy to see not just vegetarian, but vegan options – an awesome chickpea curry with rice, naan and a tasty salad.  They served food from Afghanistan in honor of the festival director’s recently deceased father, Richard Holbrooke, who was a special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan under the Obama administration.

The food was great, and as you can see from this photo, so was the view!  We were right up in the middle of the mountains, and the scenery was breathtaking.  (The altitude was pretty breathtaking too!  Every time I climbed a flight of stairs I thought I might keel over).  Needless to say, after driving out of smoggy L.A., finding ourselves standing on a mountaintop surrounded by such beauty was an amazing feeling.

The next day started with the Symposium, which featured some amazing speakers, including Maria Gunnoe.  She spoke about mountaintop removal, and the effects that it’s having on the people of West Virginia, including her own family.  I also learned a lot from M Sanjayan’s talk about how we can impact the extinction crisis – not exactly the most uplifting topics, but things that more people need to know about.  There were plenty of opportunities to get educated over the weekend, including Coffee Talks which took place each morning.  (We went to The Food Movement talk, which I’ll discuss in my next post.)

This photo was taken on our last day in Telluride, after the closing picnic and awards ceremony.  We loved Telluride, and we look forward to going back again, hopefully for the next Mountainfilm Fest!

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2 Responses to “Mountainfilm in Telluride, CO”

  1. “We packed plenty of snacks for the road…”

    i hope you packed enough snacks for omar!! he looks like he likes snacks.

    huge congrats to ryan on the film. i can’t wait to see it!

  2. Wow Telluride looks beautiful. I loved that trailer–I can’t wait to see the finished film.