Worldfest ’11

Yesterday was Worldfest, and it was also the first weekend in a long time where both Ryan and I weren’t swamped with work.  We didn’t get the whole weekend off, but it was nice to have at least some time to relax!  We’ve also had a booth at Worldfest for the past two years, so it was extra nice to not have to put in some incredibly long days prepping and then working the actual festival.  Ah, to sit in the Oasis Beer & Wine bar without worrying about rushing back to the booth… it was pretty great.

There were a lot of animals there, including the little guy pictured above.  He was missing his two front legs, but couldn’t have been happier or sweeter.  There were tons of dogs up for adoption, and some of them were pretty hard to resist.   There were also some cows from The Gentle Barn at the fest, and they were as adorable as the dogs and cats that were there.  We’ve never been to The Gentle Barn, but I’ve heard great things about it and hope to get out there one day soon.

There were definitely some cool booths at the fest, like From War to Peace, which is a company that makes jewelry from dismantled nuclear weapons systems.  There were lots of rescue organizations there, and also some cool clothing booths that had great discounts, which is always nice!

I was disappointed that Maggie Mudd wasn’t there with their fantastic vegan ice cream, but it was so chilly when we got there that I probably would have frozen if I’d been eating it.  We weren’t thrilled with the food we got (thus no photos, and not much to say – Mom always taught me that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!), but there did seem to be some better options that we just didn’t get a chance to try.  We got our sweet fix from Luscious Organic Desserts, and while they may be the competition, they seriously couldn’t be nicer, and they make some really tasty treats.

All in all, I’m really glad we were able to attend Worldfest as guests instead of exhibitors.  It was great to hang with friends and relax.  Since we’re usually in the minority as vegans, it’s also really nice to be able to attend an all-vegan festival.  It definitely sets Worldfest apart!

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6 Responses to “Worldfest ’11”

  1. My friends and I had lunch at Southern Fried Vegan BBQ then dessert at JAM BAKERY. Everything at both was delicious!! Those booths plus the baby cows made my day!

  2. I was at World Fest tabling with FARM! I thought it was a great event. Since I was there alllll day I sampled a lot of the food. I agree, some was lackluster, but some was pretty good! And those adorable cows!!!

  3. that dog looks hungry…!

  4. I wish I had been in town for this! Although less so knowing that Maggie Mudd wasn’t there this year.

  5. give that dog some snacks!

  6. Hi, Treewool! When we’ve worked the event in the past we’ve had better food, I think because we were there longer and able to try more!