Update on C’est La Vegan’s First Cooking Class!

UPDATE: This past Saturday was the big day!  I wanted to share some pictures from my cooking class taken by the lovely Jackie of Alternative Outfitters.  I also have to thank Tera (of the beautiful elgin eco house blog) for being kind enough to open her amazing kitchen to us!  It’s an absolutely stunning space, and working there was such a pleasure.

We started off with the Strawberry Rhubarb Bars that I posted about when I first announced the class.  Here’s the diced strawberry and rhubarb cooking together.  Nice and steamy…

We also made a Dark Chocolate Pudding Cake with a Vanilla Cream Sauce.  It’s not the prettiest cake, as you can see below, but it’s so incredibly yummy!  Any dessert that combines chocolate pudding and cake is kind of a dream come true for me.  The Vanilla Cream sauce is just an added bonus.

And last, but not least, we made Chai Shortbread Cookies with Coconut Palm Sugar.  These spicy cookies are full of flavor, and they melt in your mouth (thank you, Earth Balance!).  They’re not too sweet, so you can really taste the chai flavor.

This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I had a great time with my awesome “students”!  You kind of can’t beat having dessert for lunch with great company in a beautiful space.  Thanks again to those of you that joined me.  I’m really looking forward to the next one!

If you get my newsletter you’ve already heard about the first C’est La Vegan cooking class, but with all the work I’m doing for the upcoming Cupcakes and Beer Party, I realized that I hadn’t made an official announcement on the blog.  Now that I have more information I want to share the details with you guys.

The class is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd at 12:00pm in Highland Park.  I’m offering the class at a special introductory rate of just $45 – that’s cheap for cooking classes, ya’all.  This rate is only for this first class, so take advantage while you can!

This class will be focused on vegan baking, and I’ll be sharing some of my secret veganizing tips that will guarantee delicious baked goods.  We’ll be baking three different types of goodies, including these super yummy strawberry rhubarb bars.

To sign up for the class send an email to cestlavbakeshop@gmail.com by Wednesday, April 20.  If you can’t make this class there will be more in the coming months.  I’ll keep you guys posted about dates and class themes, so stay tuned!

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14 Responses to “Update on C’est La Vegan’s First Cooking Class!”

  1. Beyond jealous I cannot attend but alas, I live in Canada. I hope it was a great success. I am in the process of finding some vegan cooking classes myself in the city.

  2. sounds great. Hope that it is a great success.

  3. Thanks, Sherry!

  4. How do I sign up for your newsletter? I’d love to take the next class!

  5. Hi, Mary Ann! I’ll sign you up for the next newsletter!

  6. i love the action shot at the beginning!

  7. it was such a delight to host! i look forward to the next one. I’ve enjoyed the leftovers … a little bit too much, i’m afraid. :)

  8. the chocolate cake looked divine.

  9. I’d like to sign up for the newsletter :)

  10. Just added you to the newsletter, Kim!

  11. I’d love to sign up for the newsletter! ☺

  12. Hi, Lena! Just added you to the newsletter :)

  13. Would love to get your newsletter! Please add me to your list :)


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