St. Patrick’s Day Foodz

St. Patrick’s day is almost here!  Bring on the green plates!  I have some yummy, boozy drinks to share with you later this week, but first I wanted to feature some tasty foodz that will help absorb some of that alcohol.  I hope you enjoy these past favorites!

Let’s start with some vegan Irish sausages, soda bread and colcannon that I made for St. Patrick’s day a couple years ago.  It was my first time making homemade vegan sausages and soda bread, and both were actually much easier to make than I’d anticipated.  The sausages might seem complicated, but don’t be intimidated – they’re definitely worth the effort!

Colcannon is something I make pretty often – it’s one of my favorite dishes and one that I don’t just reserve for St. Paddy’s day.  It’s also a great way to get vege-phobes to eat some greens, because mashed potatoes make everything taste great!

Last year I made this Irish “Steak” and Stout Stew, and I’ve made it many times since last St. Patrick’s day.  I’ve served it to meat eaters on more than one occasion, to rave reviews.  It’s a really tasty all-purpose “beef” stew.  You could serve this with soda bread, in puff pastry (as shown) or with a nice loaf of crusty bread.

This Irish Whiskey Cake may look plain, but it’s deceptively delicious.  Just seeing the picture makes me salivate…  I really need to make this more often!

I’m more of a cake than frosting girl, so I like this one as is, but you could get fancy and layer this with some vanilla or Irish Creme-flavored frosting.  It’s also perfect with a simple dusting of powdered sugar, and it couldn’t be easier to make.

What’s on your St. Patrick’s Day menu this year?

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8 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Foodz”

  1. I was really looking forward to the Soda Bread but I’m afraid the link to the HCWT recipe in your ’09 st. pats post isn’t working anymore and indeed I can’t find it in her recipe index either…Have you come across any other soda bread recipes that resemble it?

    Much appreciated!

  2. Hi, RAS! So sorry about that! I’ll take a look and see if I can’t find the recipe to post for you…

  3. You’re so right, mashed potato makes everything awesome and cake is SO much more awesome than frosting. I’ll definitely be trying out the steak & stout stew, yum.

  4. Colcannon potatoes are so yummy!

  5. Is puff pastry Vegan?

  6. ooooppps. You may not know this…is it gluten free?

  7. Hi, Dianna – not all puff pastry is vegan, so it’s a good idea to always check ingredients as many of them contain butter. The brand I listed happens to be vegan more by accident and less by design. This puff pastry by Aussie Bakery is vegan as well. Neither are gluten-free. I’m not sure if there’s currently a pre-made vegan and gluten-free puff pastry available.


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