Bee-Free Honee Give-Away!

UPDATE: The winner of the Honee Give-Away is Keya Millionie, who said:
What I’d use it for: Everything. Put in tea and different recipes (like vegan vanilla honey icecream). This looks so cool. ♥ Thanks for another awesome giveaway ♥
Congratulations, Keya!
A lot of people are confused about why vegans choose to not consume honey.  To be honest, for a long time I wasn’t clear on the issue myself.  Fortunately for vegans and others who choose to abstain, there are so many other tasty sweetener options out there.
That’s not to say that every sweetener can mimic the unique taste and texture of honey, and of course one of the attractions of honey is the array of varieties, each with a unique flavor affected by the flowers the bees have pollinated and the climate in which it’s made, among other factors.
As a former honey lover (my sweet tooth is almost as big as my butt), you can imagine my excitement when Katie from Bee-Free Honee recently contacted me about trying her new vegan honey.  From Katie – I have created a product, “honey” made from apples rather than by bees.  It is vegan, safe for children under two (as there is no fear of Botulism), and great for those allergic to traditional honey.  It is 80% apple, lemon juice is the only preservative and then a tich of pure cane sugar (vegan quality) is added to give it the viscosity of traditional honey.  Those are its only three ingredients.
I’m already a huge fan of Suzanne’s Just Like Honey, which does a great job of capturing that quintessential honey taste, so I couldn’t wait to try out Katie’s version.  (Guys, veganism has come pretty far.  We have vegan marshmallowscheeses and now we have multiple honey substitutes too!)

In order to really test it out I gave the Honee a try on it’s own, in my favorite Earl Gray tea and on a peanut butter, banana and “honee” sandwich.  I liked the fact that it isn’t so thick that you can’t drizzle it, but it’s still thick enough to have some “cling”.  More importantly, it tastes fantastic!  I love that it has a hint of apple flavor rather than just tasting like sugar, and there’s also a nice little hint of tartness that offsets the sweetness.  I didn’t get a chance to bake with it yet, but I can’t wait!  I’m dreaming of Honee-laced apple cake

What Honee-soaked treats are you guys dreaming of?  Maybe some vegan baklava?  Just leave a comment telling me how you’d use Honee, and one lucky winner will be selected at random to receive their very own bottle.  And if you don’t win, don’t despair – you can purchase Honee through Amazon, and hopefully soon at a store near you.

You can increase your chances of winning by liking C’est La Vegan and Bee-Free Honee on facebook, and also by following C’est La Vegan on twitter.  Just mention each thing that you did in your one comment, and they’ll be counted as additional entries.  The contest will close Sunday night, April 3rd at 9:00 PST, and it’s only open to U.S. shipping addresses (sorry, international friends).  Good luck, everyone!

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69 Responses to “Bee-Free Honee Give-Away!”

  1. Oh god, I’d use it EXACTLY the way you did! PB sammich with banana and Honee….. YUM!

  2. I would have it on a BIG bowl of corn flakes with rice milk, yum! :)

  3. Keya Millionie 31. Mar, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    What I’d use it for: Everything. Put in tea and different recipes (like vegan vanilla honey icecream). This looks so cool. ♥ Thanks for another awesome giveaway ♥

    I already “like” C’est La Vegan Facebook.
    I “like” Bee-Free Honee on Facebook.
    I follow C’est La Vegan on Twitter (@MissMorphine)

  4. baklava? definitely!

  5. The first thing I’d have to try is an almond butter + honee sandwhich. Oh my!

    I qualify for all of the extra entries, thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I really do know how to spell sandwich, I swear ;)

  7. I would definitely use it on some peanut butter toast.

  8. Would love some drizzled on some crepes :D

  9. I liked your page on Facebook and also liked Bee-Free Honee on FB!

  10. On peanut butter toast. Definitely!

  11. This looks so yummy! I would try it over ice cream.

  12. I liked C’est La Vegan on FB @Mellietronx

  13. I liked Bee Free on FB @Mellietronx :)

  14. I also added you on tweet @Mellietronx

  15. i’ve been looking for bee-free honey to brew in my home-brewed beer for AGES! this is a lifesaver! thanks, honee! i owe you a beer.

  16. My boyfriend loves honey on biscuits–I want to try it with Bee-Free Honee!

    I follow you on twitter (@TzipporahLiba).

  17. I would use Bee-Free Honee every morning in my tea and to sweeten my yogurt, oatmeal, granola, etc.
    I like (love) you and Bee Free Honee on facebook and I follow you on twitter!

  18. I liked both pages and followed on twitter.

    i would eat the honee by squeezing it on my tongue directly. IT WOULD BE AMAZING!


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