Super Bowl Snacks!

Snacks!  They’re not quite dips and they’re not quite a meal (though I could happily make a meal out of them).  Here are some tasty bites that would be right at home on Sunday Bowl Sunday.

We have to start with Nachos, of course!  You can make these with whatever fixin’s you like, and they’re probably the snack that could most easily transition to a meal depending on what you top them with.  Nachos and sports go together like… nachos and sports.

I’ve heard that people really enjoy drinking beer when they watch football, and I’ve also heard tell that Pretzels go well with this brew.  Put a little extra effort in and make a batch of soft pretzels from scratch – they’re so worth it!

And since you’re already putting in a bit of work, why not also whip up a batch of homemade Cheezy Crackers?  These would also pair nicely with beer, and they’re actually not all that difficult to make.  I could definitely eat an entire batch of these myself.

Stuffed Mushrooms are another tasty game-day snack.  These savory, smoky gems look and taste so impressive that your friends will think you put in a lot more effort in that you actually did.

One of my all-time favorites, these Seasoned Nuts are very dear to me – in the way that only a salty, sweet, spicy snack can be.  These always get requested by our friends.  I’d at least double this recipe if you’re making them for a crowd.

If you’re a little more adventurous in the kitchen, give these Fried Plantains with Guacamole a try.  These are one of the tastiest snacks ever, and they’re a nice change of pace from regular tortilla or potato chips.

Bakin-Wrapped Bleu-Cheeze Stuffed Dates are also a bit adventurous, but trust me when I tell you that they’re absolutely fantastic.  These sweet, salty, smoky, chewy, crispy nuggets are little bites of heaven.

Ceci with Garlic and Sage are also a nice change of pace from the normal game-day fare.  Just looking at this photo makes me wish I had a batch in front of me!  This recipe is a little bit more fussy than some of the others, but once you get the method for these down they’re not as difficult to make as they might seem.

Prepping this Marinated Cheeze the night before frees up some of your time on game-day, and it guarantees a flavorful, tangy appetizer.  This also makes for a killer Grilled Cheeze, and the marinade can double as a dipping oil for bread.

And last, but certainly not least, Cajun Fried Eggplant Slices elevate the concept of fried food to gourmet heights.  People still talk about these a year after our Oscar Party (though I can’t take credit for the recipe – just vegan-izing it!).  Thin and crispy, these Cajun-seasoned slices dipped in the creamy, tangy red pepper remoulade sauce will definitely make you and your guests very happy!

Check back tomorrow for a sampling of more substantial game-day fare, or as I like to call them, “Super Bowl Foodz”!

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7 Responses to “Super Bowl Snacks!”

  1. It’s estimated that around 130-155 million pounds of food will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Wings dominate, with chips and dip in second… http://foo­diegossip.­blogspot.c­om/2011/02­/super-bow­l-food-sta­tistics-ar­e-you.html
    Just some fun food facts. Can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday!

  2. Those nachos remain the prettiest plate of nachos I have ever seen! Thanks for more inspiring snack ideas!

  3. Suddenly I’m really craving a big plate of nachos. One that looks identical to that in the first photo, incidentally. Wonder how that happened?

  4. Some very impressive selections! I’d happily watch the game at your house :)

  5. How ironic, I was just looking through pretzel recipes online for the superbowl,
    and then I saw this on!


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