Chicago Diner Chocolate Cake

While I was back home I was able to hit up the amazing Whole Foods that opened last year near my parent’s house.  It’s easily three to four times the size of our two local Whole Foods, and a godsend when we’re home.

Usually when I’m out of town I take a break from cooking and baking, and I try to make do with eating out at “regular” restaurants (Chinese Chicken Salad, hold the chicken, please!).  Plus we’re so busy running around seeing family that there usually isn’t time to cook.

One night though, we had some time and decided to cook dinner for Ryan’s family, so we ran to Whole Foods for ingredients.  Of course I always have to check out the bakery case and see if there are any vegan treats!  There were quite a few, including this slice of chocolate cake from The Chicago Diner.

I wasn’t vegan when I lived in Chicago, and I literally worked right across the street from The Chicago Diner.  I lived up the street as well, but I only ate there once, and I was so freaked out by the menu that I just got a salad.  So sad…  I had a feeling that one day I’d regret not eating there more.

Okay, cut back to today; now I realize how awesome that place is, and if I’m in the city and have an opportunity to eat there I’ll do it in a heartbeat.  That’s pretty rare though, so being able to grab a dessert from them was a real treat.

This cake was so chocolate-ly, and the filling and frosting were a thick fudgy ganache.  I love chocolate, but sometimes it can be a little much for me (I’d rather have chocolate cake with vanilla or cream cheese frosting, for example), and I could only eat about three to four bites of this at a time.  The lighter cocoa frosting used as a garnish and on the outside of the cake helped balance it out, but it was pretty salty.

All that being said, I’m extremely picky about baked goods.  This cake definitely did the trick of giving me an awesome chocolate fix, and I think that you could serve it to non-vegans and absolutely blow them away.  And of course it was really nice to be able to enjoy some vegan treats on my time off that I didn’t have to make!

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5 Responses to “Chicago Diner Chocolate Cake”

  1. I am not normally a chocolate girl but it sounds delicious!

  2. Yes. They have great stuff!

  3. i so love chicago diner. their reuben rocks my world!

  4. I have several friends in Chicago, and one of them mentioned this place to me a while ago. After seeing this chocolate cake, I’m definitely going to have to make a trip the next time I’m in town.

  5. the chicago diner is amazing. their food is awesome and if you didn’t tell meat-eaters that everything was vegan, they’d have no idea (fun trick to play on your grandparents, wink wink). i also recommend their carrot cake, but any dessert you get here is just…YUM!