Chicago Bears Cake!

I mentioned yesterday that we hosted a Bears brunch over the weekend since the game was on at 10am here in LA.  Kind of strange to watch football over breakfast, but I could definitely get used to it.  It turned out to be a marathon day of TV since we watched both NFL games and then the Golden Globes.  And of course we ate pretty much the whole time… it was awesome.

I’d actually made this cake the day before for a Wilton cake decorating class that I’m taking.  We only assembled and frosted the cakes in class, but since we were having people over for the game I wanted to decorate it as well.  While I don’t normally use food coloring, I have to admit that I had fun messing around with colors for this.

The actual cake was a vanilla flavor that I been wanting to test out, and I filled it with apricot jam.  It’s frosted with the required Wilton basic buttercream – made vegan, of course!  I’m trying to stick to the  frosting recipes required for class while I learn their techniques, but I’m looking forward to working with my own frostings, which are a little less sweet than these.  (Sorry there’s no inside shot, but we didn’t get a chance to take one once I cut the cake.)

I’ll be honest with you, I think this little cake might have helped the Bears win.  I’m actually pretty sure it did.  Hopefully posting it today will bring them another victory on Sunday.  Go Bears!

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4 Responses to “Chicago Bears Cake!”

  1. cake looks adorable. i’ve always wanted to take one of the wilton classes. how do you like them?

  2. Great idea with the apricot filling! I am a caterer and cake decorator and I loved the Wilton courses!


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