White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Ryan saw some white chocolate covered pretzels at Trader Joe’s the other day, but they weren’t vegan so he asked me if I could make something similar.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since and finally had an excuse to make some over the weekend.

Now, I’m a big white chocolate fan.  When I was a kid I used to LOVE white chocolate suckers.  Just looking at this google image gallery makes me go a little crazy.  I also love the salty/sweet flavor combo of chocolate covered pretzels, so I was pretty excited to make these.

I’ve only ever used my non-dairy white chocolate chips in cookies, but I figured that they would melt just like any other white chocolate.  After starting them in a double boiler and realizing that it was taking what seemed like a long time to melt, I decided to melt them in the microwave instead.

Once the chips were melted, I transferred the white chocolate back to the double boiler to keep it from thickening up.  I tried to dip a pretzel, but the chocolate was still pretty thick.  I was panicking just a little since I wanted to bring these to a party that we were already running a bit late for.

Ryan tried to calm me down and asked if I couldn’t just thin it out somehow, and I realized that I could try adding some canola oil.  Fortunately it worked, and I just kept adding it until I got the chocolate to a thin enough consistency for easy dipping.

Once I had the pretzels dipped I planned to do red stripes over the tops, but I didn’t realize that my natural food coloring had water in it until the chocolate I was trying to color had already seized on me.  I still had some of the plain chocolate left so I just used that on top, but if I’d had more time I would have done dark chocolate stripes.  I do kind of like how wintry these look though.

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

1 10-ounce (or 12-ounce) bag non-dairy white chocolate chips
1/8 – 1/4 cup canola oil
1 bag small pretzel twists (or your favorite pretzel shape)
few drops red food coloring (optional)

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave at 50% power.  Once it’s melted, add the canola oil until you get a thin enough consistency for dipping your pretzels (how much you use will depend on the chocolate that you use – you may need more than 1/4 cup.)  You can also melt the chocolate in a double-boiler.

Place a pretzel on a fork and dip it into the white chocolate.  Tap the excess chocolate off and slide the pretzel off of the fork onto a parchment or wax paper-lined tray.

If you’d like to do colored stripes just mix a few drops of food coloring (make sure it doesn’t contain water!) into a small amount of the melted chocolate.  Transfer the mixture to small plastic bag or a piping bag, and cut a very small hole in the corner of the bag, or use a very small piping tip.  Once the white chocolate on the pretzels has set, drizzle the colored chocolate over the pretzels.  Alternatively, you could top these with crushed candy cane pieces or vegan decorating sugar.

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14 Responses to “White Chocolate Covered Pretzels”

  1. These look good. Does the vegan white chocolate taste similar to the dairy version?

  2. Hi, Stefanie! I think it tastes almost exactly the same, but it might depend on the kind that you use.

  3. Wow these looked so awesome I ran to the store and bought pretzels. Covered them in white chocolate and made the stripes in dark choc. Needless to say my boyfriend inhaled his potion is 2.3 seconds (then stole some of mine).

  4. oh man. i have tried so many times to melt vegan white chocolate, and i always gets this weird mess. your pretzels look so good. i might have to give it another go, but i worry, white chocolate chips are too $$ and too delicious to trifle with. i love white chocolate a million times more than regular, and i miss it!


  5. Seriously, these look AMAZING!

  6. Chocolate-coverend pretzels are the ultimate sweet/salty snack! Yours are beautifully done :) .

  7. kittee – I hear you on not wanting to mess around with expensive ingredients! There’s a kosher store near me where I can get the vegan white chocolate chips, so I at least don’t have to pay for shipping. These were definitely trickier to melt than regular chocolate, and without the oil it was way too thick for me to dip anything. I would love it if someone would come out with a gourmet vegan white chocolate!

    Lisa – I love that you ran to the store to make these! So glad you guys liked them!

  8. I’ve never seen vegan white chocolate chips where I live, but you can gurantee that I will be on the hunt for them now. I used to love white chocolate covered anything. :o )

  9. when i’ve tried to melt white choc chips in the past, i tried to do a ganache, and the added milk just turned it into a yucky yellow liquid. i will try like this and see how it goes. i can get the chips from food fight here, so that’s not a prob.


  10. I didn’t realize food coloring with water would do that!

  11. Did you use the actual chips from your link (vegansweets) or a kosher one like lieber’s or Oppenheimer…


  12. Hi, Reese! I used a kosher brand, but I couldn’t find a link to them anywhere online, thus the link to the vegansweets brand…


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