White Bean Boursin

We finally made it to the end of Vegan MoFo!  Part of me can’t believe how quickly the month flew by, and part of me can’t believe how long it took.  I’ve so enjoyed participating this year, and while it was definitely challenging at times, it was also really rewarding.  I wanted a little shot in the arm for C’est La Vegan, and I definitely got it!  I look forward to keeping up with posting now since I’m already in the habit of doing it.

I thought I’d do another Ultimate Uncheese post to wrap up MoFo this year.  For some reason I associate MoFo with vegan cheese, maybe because I started last year’s MoFo with cheese, and this year’s with a cheesy soup.  Whatever the reason, ending with this one seemed appropriate.  And since the holiday season is now in full swing, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have another appetizer idea!

As a former cheese addict, I can’t get enough of trying out different recipes in the hopes of recapturing that salty flavor and creamy texture that I remember.  I don’t miss it as much as I used to, but I do still occasionally get a craving.  Even though I already have a couple homemade cheeses that I love, I also love the pursuit of finding even better recipes.

So how did this recipe measure up?  While it was really tasty, it was definitely more of a white bean spread to me than a “cheese”.  Granted, the nut-based cheeses have a bit of an advantage because the texture and flavor are so rich from the fat in the nuts, and that’s a little harder to get from beans.

That being said, though, I would definitely make this again.  The flavor is fantastic, it’s very easy to make, and it also doesn’t call for any exotic ingredients.  I’ll just think of it as a really tasty bean spread rather than a cheese, and I’ll be very happy!

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8 Responses to “White Bean Boursin”

  1. I’ve really loved your MoFo posts and I’ve just ordered some cheese cloth just so as I can try your goat cheese, which I know wasn’t a MoFo post but if it wasn’t for MoFo I might have missed it.
    Well done.

  2. i made that white bean boursin before – yours looks much lovelier than mine did! and i felt the same way – a great bean dip, but didn’t really seem cheesy.

    look forward to more beautiful food posts from you – they are a great way to start the day!

  3. This looks great. Could I get the recipe???

  4. I 2nd Ben’s request. Recipe por favor :)

  5. Hey, Ben & Ginger – Out of respect to the authors I don’t post recipes from cookbooks if they aren’t already online, and after doing a search I wasn’t able to find this one out there already. I do really recommend the book though!

  6. The recipe is actually available as a preview in google books! Just search for it and click the preview link.

  7. Hi, Em – thanks so much for that info!

  8. I was just looking at this recipe in “The Uncheese Cookbook” tonight and thinking that a hybrid which replaced half of the white beans with soaked almonds would be worth a go. The texture of almond cheese is so close to those herb cheese spreads it’s scary, but it would be a little more waist watcher friendly to use half white beans, now that the holidays no longer have us ‘trapped against the wall’ (until next year…)