Peanut Butter Oatsies from The Kitchen & The Garden Patch

I was recently sent a copy of the vegan cookbook “The Kitchen & The Garden Patch” by Melissa Bergen.  Melissa wrote, designed and self-published this beautiful book, and she included a vintage kitchen linen and seed packet in my package.  So adorable!

This cookbook reminds me of my Mom’s cookbooks that I so enjoyed looking through as a little girl.  I love the size of the book, the design and of course, the recipes!  It feels like the kind of book you scribble notes in, splatter food on, and pass down through the generations.

Here’s a photo of Melissa and me at her book release party, where we were able to try some dishes from the cookbook.  Everything I sampled was absolutely delicious.  I might have had three pieces of cake.  But they were small.  ish.  What can I say?  It had cherry and almonds and the most amazing frosting.  I didn’t have a choice.

The first recipe I chose to make from the book was the “Peanut Butter Oatsies.”  These no-bake treats are really tasty, and the hardest part of making these was waiting for the chocolate to melt.  Since they’re stored in the freezer you can always have one on hand when you need a little snack.  They’re not too sweet, which I love.  Plus they have peanut butter and chocolate, my favorite combo.

I will note that some of the recipes in the book are more appropriate for people who already know how to cook, but I kind of like that about it.  That being said, there’s also a ton of information for beginners in the kitchen as well, so it really is appropriate for people of varying levels of cooking confidence.

I’m so impressed that Melissa did all of the work on this book herself, and I can’t encourage you enough to support her effort.  She’s really inspired me as I’ve been wanting to publish a cookbook myself for a while now.  After seeing what she was able to accomplish on her own I realized that you don’t need a publishing house to create something as amazing as “The Kitchen & The Garden Patch”, and I look forward to trying more of her recipes!

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One Response to “Peanut Butter Oatsies from The Kitchen & The Garden Patch”

  1. yes, yes, please publish a book!