Heirloom Sweet Peppers

Every autumn I admire the the piles of colorful peppers at the Farmers Market that seem to be overflowing from every stand this time of year.  They start to show up at the end of the summer season, and they look so beautiful that I’ve always felt like I should be buying them up like crazy.

Before this year, though, I couldn’t stand peppers (with the exception of green ones).  I’m still not sure why, but at some point I found that I could not only stand them, but I actually starting liking them!

This year when the peppers starting showing up, I was happy to grab a few to bring home and experiment with.  I really wanted to veganize my Mom’s recipe for stuffed peppers, but these guys were on the smaller side, and didn’t seem to have the right shape for that recipe.  (Although I do still hope to do that with green peppers are some point…)

Instead, I decided to keep it simple.  I cut the peppers into strips and sauteed them in some olive oil with thinly sliced onions and a pinch of salt.  I let the whole thing cook down and get nice and caramelized.  I cooked up some Field Roast Italian Sausages, which I highly recommend, and smothered them with Vegenaise and the pepper mixture.  Easy and tasty, two of my favorite things!

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One Response to “Heirloom Sweet Peppers”

  1. Gorgeous peppers! It’s funny, I used to be opposite of you and like all bell peppers except for the green ones. Now I like them all, too. I just bought my first pack of those field roast sausages, haven’t tried them yet. I wish I had some of those peppers to throw on top!