Pumpkin Loaf Give-Away!

UPDATE: The winner of the pumpkin loaf give-away is Michelle, whose favorite things about fall are…

Sweaters, cool mornings and not wanting to get out of bed, pumpkins, squash and all the great fall veggies. I already like on FB and I’m not on twitter.

Congratulations, Michelle!  Thanks again to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for upcoming give-aways!

Growing up in Chicago, fall was always a great time of year.  The cooler weather brought relief from the hot and humid days of summer, Halloween meant getting to dress up and lots of candy, and we still had some time before winter descended.  The other great thing about fall is the change in seasonal produce, and the return of one of my favorite ingredients – PUMPKIN!!  I love pumpkin so much that I bake with it all year long, but it just tastes better this time of year.

With that in mind, C’est La V Bakeshop is featuring our pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting this month, and to celebrate pumpkin even more, I’m also doing a give-away!  One lucky reader will win a C’est La V pumpkin loaf that I’ll ship right to your front door.

To enter the give-away just leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about fall.  You can increase your chances of winning by following C’est La Vegan on twitter and “liking” our facebook page.  Just mention that you did both in your comment.  The contest will close at midnight (Pacific time) on Thursday, October 14th.  Unfortunately, the give-away is only open to shipping addresses within the continental United States.  Good luck!

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94 Responses to “Pumpkin Loaf Give-Away!”

  1. What is not to love about Fall…. beautiful weather, gorgous trees, football, Halloween and of course pumpkin!! :)

  2. My favorite thing about fall is the weather and the holidays!!!

  3. walking through the leaves and hot apple cider

  4. My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear cold weather clothing. I love sweaters, coats, scarves, and boots. And of course… all things pumpkin!

  5. Facebook fan! My favorite thing about fall is Halloween!

  6. I love everything about fall! Apples, pumpkins, scarves, warm tea, candle light, snuggling up under a blanket, and many more! I follow you on facebook and twitter as well!

  7. theveganvagabond 08. Oct, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    My favorite thing about the fall is soup and Halloween.

  8. My favorite thing about fall is the crisp air and the leaves changing color…I just got back from Paris and I got to see the golden leaves of the trees at the Garden of Luxemburg. It was beautiful! Too bad it’s not like that in LA. :(

  9. Favorite fall things: maple soy lattes, pumpkin in everything, cooler weather, and beautiful fall foliage.

  10. My favorite thing about fall is that it is officially scarf season.

  11. making delicious thanksgiving side dishes and then telling everyone it’s vegan! and I love halloween and football!

  12. My favorite things about Fall is butternut squash, scary movies on TV, the wet ground outside and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the kitchen.

  13. I like popcorn.

  14. Pumpkin, squash, cranberries and that great fall smell!

  15. My favorite thing about fall is Halloween because I love decorating the house for my daughter and making fun festive treats. I follow you on Twitter and “like” you on Facebook.

  16. My favorite thing about fall is the fact that I was born in the fall, on Thanksgiving! I love the cool crisp weather, and the sights and smells of season! :) Oh and I already follow cestlavegan on facebook and on twitter ;) Love your treats and your blog and new YouTube videos!!! Keep them coming!

  17. I love the apples and root vegetables!

  18. My favourite thing about fall is the month of October and how everything just seems a tiny bit more eerie than the rest of the year.

  19. I love the crisp air of fall- and how cozy you feel snuggled up inside next to candlelight and hot cider. I love breaking out the crock pot for some chilli and soup as well!

  20. My favorite part of fall is that I always feel like I get a fresh start in fall, like I have a new opportunity for self improvement & starting over. I think its because I associate the new school year with fall weather, and I always started school out with cute outfits and good intentions to apply myself that year….

  21. The crispy cool breeze flowing into the house paired with the crackling sound of a wood wicked pumpkin spice candle.

  22. Kristin Bates 11. Oct, 2010 at 8:09 am

    I love the color of the trees, the weather, pumpkins and food made from them!

  23. Has to be the smell in the air – it’s that mix of woodsmoke, dead leaves, and something sweet in the oven that just doesn’t happen any other time of the year!

  24. I’m not a big fan of heat so my fave thing about Fall is when it cools down and has that little crisp bite in the air. Also, the lighting is different, softer, and I love that. And of course Halloween and Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin!

    I’m a twitter follower and like you on Facebook too!

  25. I love that it’s finally a normal temperature in Florida. |D

  26. I love the fall colors and the crunch of the leaves when they fall. I also love wearing corduroys!

    I follow you on twitter!

  27. My favorite thing about fall is the FOOD! Typical, right? ;)

  28. Sorry, forgot to mention that I follow you on twitter and facebook.

  29. My favorite thing about Fall is the cool crisp air!
    I liked you on facebook!!

  30. My favorite thing about Fall is the weather changing. I love when I’m able to wear a scarf and jacket outside and not sweat to death! When the leaves begin to change color, and inevitably fall to the ground. When the aforementioned leaves are on the ground and I can crunch them under my feet!

    here’s proof that I tweeted and liked it on FB!


  31. i love the bitter cold mornings nipping at your skin, everyones noses turning a soft pink, pumpkin everything, and how everyone seems to warm up on the insides when the outdoors are frosty. sadly i dont have a twitter and have recently deleted my facebook.

  32. My favorite thing about fall is the smells — vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread, and of course, pumpkin! I love the colors, the fashion, and the wind as well.

    Also, I’m a twitter follower :)

  33. My favorite thing about fall is the FALL FOOD!!

  34. Follow you on twitter

  35. My favorite part of fall is the local coffee shops getting pumpkin spice soy lattes, what a great way to warm up on a chilly autumn day.

  36. I live in Florida and after the hot, humid summers there is nothing like leaving my windows open all day for the cool, crisp air to flow through my house. It smells good and blows out the stale air conditioning air.

    My AC can stay off for days. It’s awesome.

  37. Sweater weather!
    I don’t have a twitter account, but I liked you on facebook :)

  38. Colorful leaves, apples, cranberries, squash…and of course, pumpkin loaf!

  39. My favorite thing about fall is that I don’t sweat while I’m drinking my coffee outside–because I refuse to drink cold coffee. It’s wonderful being outside in general because nature seems to move much slower during the fall.
    Oh, I also followed you on twitter, which I thought I already did :/

  40. Oh, and my twitter is soydominique :)

  41. My favorite parts of the fall are the cooler temperatures, walking around crunching leaves under my feet, and seeing the excitement on my students’ faces as we begin a new school year.

  42. There are so many things that I love about fall. I love the colors of the leaves and the crisp air. The smell is one of my favorites. I also love the seasonal foods I get to make. Everything from delicious pumpkin cookies to all the different squashes. There’s a certain calm feeling behind the season. The feeling of a fresh start in a new year is wonderful. It feels like the possibilities are endless. Everything about fall is quite lovely. Especially apple picking! :)

  43. I received the pumpkin loaf the other day and it is amazing! Thank you so much!!!

  44. You’re so welcome, Michelle! I’m glad you liked it!