Halloween Omar!

Happy early Halloween!  Between baking for the Veggie Pride Parade tomorrow, getting tested for my next belt in my Martial Arts classes (here’s a photo from my first test) and prepping for Vegan MoFo, I haven’t had a lot of time this week to make Halloween-y food.  And believe me, I’ve been dying too!  I had dreams of black cocoa whoopie pies with pumpkin marshmallow filling that just sadly just never came to be.  Although I might still try to squeeze them in over the weekend.  A girl can dare to dream…

So instead of a food-related Halloween post, I just couldn’t resist showing you these pictures of Omar with his his new best friend, Monkey (who couldn’t be more appropriately dressed for the holiday), and his adorable Halloween collar from Peachy Keen Pets.  Check out that cute sleeping action!

And that tongue!  It’s way too long for his mouth, and sticks out almost all the time, but particularly when he’s sleeping.  It’s pretty great when he’s just woken up and looks at you with a totally confused, sleepy face and that tongue sticking out at you.  It kills me.

Hope you all have a scary holiday weekend!

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3 Responses to “Halloween Omar!”

  1. Whitney Warner 29. Oct, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    So freaking adorable!!!

  2. love it! what a total sweetie!

  3. Oh, that last picture is just priceless! When I was living with my parents and our two dogs, my younger sister and I were on a continuous quest to snap photos of our chihuahua with her tongue out. Since moving, I’ve received not a few picture/text messages with the caption “HER TONGUE IS OUT!” Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing! And Happy Halloween!