Vegetarian Times’ Pluot Cobbler

Before moving to California I’d never eaten a pluot before.  I wasn’t sure if they just weren’t available in Chicago, or if they didn’t even exist back then, but I did a little research and found this article, which explains what they are as well as their origin.

I’ve been happily enjoying pluots for the past few years.  I love to bake with them, because they taste amazing and look so beautiful.  The fruit stand I get them from at the farmers’ market has about ten different types, but I used watermelon pluots for this cobbler.

Because pluots are so sweet, I thought I’d use coconut palm sugar for this.  As you can see in the photo below, it definitely changed the color of the batter and made it much darker than the Vegetarian Times photo.  Unfortunately, I think it also affected the texture a bit.  If I made this again, I would definitely use evaporate cane juice as the sweetener.

Tofu in desserts is hit or miss for me, and  while I liked how easy this recipe was to throw together, I felt like I could taste the tofu in the end product.  This also took a really long time to bake, and even then it wasn’t totally cooked through, which I’m sure didn’t help the texture either.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you guys tried this recipe and how it worked out for you.  I’m thinking I probably would have liked it more had I followed the recipe exactly as written.  I guess I’ll chalk this one up to a learning experience!

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4 Responses to “Vegetarian Times’ Pluot Cobbler”

  1. I actually wanted to try this; but I was trying to figure out what to use in the recipe besides tofu. I really don’t like the way desserts with tofu come out; i can *always* taste it-even if it’s not something I made, so I know it’s not in my head.

  2. Hi, Lacey! I agree with you – I can usually taste tofu as well. There are a few recipes where I don’t mind it though, but just a few!

  3. I too can always taste the tofu in pies. It drives me bananas. I’m currently on the look out for a really good tofu-less pumpkin pie recipe.

  4. Hi, Yo Soy Liz! I’ll have to look through my massive binder of recipes (that I always mean to test but never get to) and see if there’s a tofu-less pumpkin pie in there that I can send your way!