“The Conscious Cook’s” Herbed Cashew Cheese

I’m a big fan of nut-based cheeses, and I’ve been wanting to try the recipe for herbed cashew cheese from “The Conscious Cook” for months now.  Since we were going to be hanging out with some dear friends over the Labor Day holiday, I finally decided to take the plunge this weekend and give it a shot.  While our friends aren’t vegan or even vegetarian for that matter, they are up for trying new things and are super accommodating of our diets.  As coincidence would have it, my friend actually surprised us by making the celery root soup from “The Conscious Cook”.  It was so delicious, and we were beyond impressed.  Thanks again, Lizzie!

This cheese isn’t difficult to make, but it does take some advance planning.  The first step was acquiring the probiotic used to culture the cheese.  Then, about two days before you want to serve the cheese, you soak the cashews for about 12 hours.  After they’ve soaked, you blend them with the probiotic dissolved in water, and you let that culture for another 12 hours or so.  Then you mix in the seasonings, roll it into a log and chill the whole thing until firm.  Once it’s firm, you can roll it in the herb & pepper mixture, and slice to serve.

As you can see, that ain’t no log.  I didn’t think I was supposed to blend the cashews with the soaking water, but the recipe didn’t say to add liquid once the cashews were drained.  They wouldn’t blend with just the probiotic mixture, so I added water until I could get the whole thing to blend.  Because I wasn’t sure how much liquid to use (if any), the texture was a bit off, so I decided to just serve the cheese in a bowl with the herbs and pepper sprinkled on top, and it was still a hit.  Our friends’ adorable little girl, sweet Ruby, loved this stuff and kept going back for more.  I think this photo is the highest compliment I could get!

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12 Responses to ““The Conscious Cook’s” Herbed Cashew Cheese”

  1. this recipe is really good and actually is ball-able. i’ve made it twice and usually put in roasted garlic instead of the raw.



  2. Thanks for the link, Kittee! I’ve seen that on your blog and have it on my list of cheeses to try. Roasted garlic in that sounds really good…

  3. I tried the same one you did and wasn’t sure if I should drain the cashews or not. Without draining it was really dry. It tasted fantastic though. So who knows?

    But I still prefer the one Kittee posted. Try it!

    How awesome your friends made that soup!

  4. The recipe sounds great, looks so fantastic, but… OMG, that picture is epic!

  5. Wow, I make a cashew cheese sometimes, but I’ve never heard of actually doing it with a culture like real cheese. That’s so neat. And, hmm, I wonder about the water thing?!
    Anyway, it looks great, and Ruby looks even better-how precious!

  6. Thanks, Stella! I’d never made “cultured” cheeze before this. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it some more.

  7. Hi Kim,

    Just wondering if you remember which probiotic you used? The link doesn’t work anymore, but I’m sure I looked at it not too long ago. It may sound silly, but I was checking out the link for the cashew cheese and realized that particular probiotic had soy as well, and coincidence or not, I had just been reading about adding soy as a supplement to my diet for hormonal issues. Of course, now that I’m placing an order I can’t find it. C’est la vie!

  8. Hi, Sarah – sorry about that link. Thanks for pointing it out to me! When I made this I used New Chapter All-Flora Probiotic. I fixed the link in the post, but just in case I’ll also link here.

  9. Does this melt? Thinking of a terrine with grilled veggies warmed in the oven. Thanks

  10. Hi, Ken! It’s more of a cream cheese type texture than traditional cheese. It would probably get pretty soft in the oven, but it wouldn’t get stretchy. I think it would be really tasty in a vegetable terrine.


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