Red Pepper Flake Flat-bread

I’ve been kind of obsessed with bread lately, partly because I’ve had a work project that’s turned out to be a lot more involved than I’d initially anticipated, and when I get really stressed I sometimes  get such a nervous stomach that I lose my appetite.  One of the only things that’s sounded good to me the past couple weeks, apart from cereal, is bread.  Clearly, I’m not eating the healthiest diet right now, but I know I’ll have my raging appetite back soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ve been downing Tofurky sandwiches on sourdough, and sometimes I just eat the sourdough!  The other day I made biscuits and gravy, which really hit the spot, as it alwasy does.  But this red pepper flake flat-bread is kind of my perfect food right now.  Really flavorful (but mild and comforting) and really bready!

Making this couldn’t have been easier.  I got some refrigerated pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, brushed the top with olive oil and sprinkled on chopped fresh rosemary, red pepper flakes, gray salt and pepper.  The packaging has all the instructions for handling and baking the dough.  You could top this with different herbs, but I love the rosemary and red pepper flake combo.

With the gray weather we’re having in LA today, this would be perfect with a good bowl of soup, but it would also be right at home on a sun drenched patio with a nice class of chilled wine.  That sounds pretty great to me.  Alas… back to work.

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6 Responses to “Red Pepper Flake Flat-bread”

  1. great idea – I’ve never thought to use that pizza dough for anything other than pizza before.

  2. Try making breadsticks out of the dough, too. Either way, you can’t go wrong with comfort food. It always does the trick, doesn’t it?!

  3. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful idea. I adore the taste of red pepper flakes, I bet this is perfect.

  4. Hi, Ellen – great idea! And you’re right, it definitely does the trick!

  5. this looks so delicious!

    have a nice time!

  6. That photo alone makes me want to break out the yeast and start making something similar… I can practically smell it already! This sounds like a wonderfully simple but delicious approach to the whole baking process. :)