Pistachio Custard with Cherries

I have to start out by congratulating my sister-in-law on her wedding this past weekend!  I’ve been absent from the blog due to travel home for the wedding, which included a cancelled flight, among other things.  But we eventually got there and had a great time seeing family and celebrating Whitney and Sean’s marriage. The trip seemed way too short, and now I’m in that back-to-work-slump… Don’t you just hate it when a trip ends and you have to say good-bye and get back to work?

Usually when I’m down, I go right for the comfort food.  Maybe that’s why I’m thinking I should make biscuits and gravy for dinner?  I know – it’s not a great habit, but oh well!  I’ve always loved custards and puddings, so they’re definitely a go-to for me when I need some extra TLC.

Awhile back I found some Monaliz brand pistachio flavored custard powder at an Indian grocery store.  The poor box has been sitting in my cabinet for months (maybe years!), waiting to be used.  I’ve been on a cherry kick lately, and I thought they’d be really good served with some of this custard.  I had no idea it would be the color of the beloved pistachio pudding of my childhood, and while I try to avoid food coloring, I figure just a bit every now and then doesn’t hurt.

Unlike my old favorite, the flavor of this custard was almost floral.  It was great with the cherries, but just a small amount was enough for me.  I don’t think I could have downed a whole bowl of this, which is probably a very good thing!

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5 Responses to “Pistachio Custard with Cherries”

  1. stunning! wow!

  2. What a unique and beautiful little dessert! This really looks like the perfect treat to enjoy on a summer evening. Thanks for this great idea!

  3. I have no words. This is a beautiful photo. I want that puddin’ so bad.

  4. Thanks, Candy Baby!

  5. Those colors are amazing!