Gardein Scallopini with Mashed Zebra Potatoes & Roasted Asparagus

Never heard of zebra potatoes before?  Neither had I, until Ryan found these at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market.  We couldn’t resist picking some up to experiment.  Of course you never have to twist my arm to try a new variety of potato!

These look like a mix between a red potato and a Yukon gold.  I’m not sure what they’re actually a mix of, but they had a great texture and flavor reminiscent of those two types of potato.  I chose to mash them, but since they look just like any other potato once peeled, I think that next time I’d roast them, keeping the skins on so you can still see the mix of colors.

I paired these up with some gardein chick’n scallopini and roasted asparagus, one of my favorite combos. The recipe for the scallopini is right on the bag, but in case you’d want to make this with some other meat substitute, here are the basics…

You start by dredging the cutlets in flour before pan frying.  Once they’re golden brown, remove them to a plate and add some wine or veggie broth to deglaze the pan, or in non-cook-speak – scrape up all the yummy bits that are stuck to the pan.  Once the liquid has boiled and reduced a bit, add some capers, some margarine and some lemon juice.  I just eye-ball all the amounts and keep tasting and stirring until I get it just right.  Add the cutlets back to the pan to coat them in sauce and serve.

The asparagus is even easier.  I just give it a wash and a snap that removes the woody lower part of the spear, toss with some olive oil and salt & pepper, and roast the whole thing in a 425 degree oven on a parchment-lined baking sheet.  I stir them after about 10 minutes and cook for maybe ten more minutes, maybe less, depending on how thick they are.

I love mashed potatoes so much that they get their own post, although I prepped these a little differently because I had some cashew cream on hand that I used in place of non-dairy milk.  They won’t help you fit into your jeans, but they’re worth the extra exercise!

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2 Responses to “Gardein Scallopini with Mashed Zebra Potatoes & Roasted Asparagus”

  1. What pretty little potatoes! I will have to pick some up if I ever see them at my local farmers market.

  2. This looks fantastic, reconfirming that panfrying anything makes for a delicious meal. I really need to try that scallopini but I can’t find it anywhere, ah!