Continuing with my posts featuring the foods we served at our Oscar party, here’s what we made for the movie “UP” – “UPcakes”!  Like “Up in the Air”, this title was a hard one.  I was looking at the mini cupcakes that I had at the Farmers’ Market a couple Sundays ago and realized that they would fit the bill perfectly.

I served mini velvet with cream cheese frosting and mini chocolate with chocolate frosting since those seem to be the two most popular flavors.  All of the recipes are based on those found in the book “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”, but since my variations on the recipes are a trade secret, unfortunately I can’t post them.  Hopefully there will be a C’est La V Bakeshop cookbook one day, and all secrets will be revealed!

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12 Responses to ““UPcakes””

  1. Your Oscar inspired dishes are much better then the menu I had been inventing in my head. All I came up with was “The Hurt Latke” and “So, Up”. I wasn’t able to host a party as I was traveling last week but it was fun thinking up play on word titles inspired by the celebrated films. Vegans always love a good pun.

  2. What frosting tip did you use? Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I’ve been craving a good vegan cupcake for weeks now and I keep not letting myself go get one and here you posted those lovely mouth watering pictures and I’m feeling so deprived and tortured…must…go get cupcake…no no…must resist going and getting cupcake…no wait. see? tortured!

  4. I haven’t seen the movie yet ( I know…I know). However, your cupcakes look very lovely!

  5. Dude, that frosting is amazing! How does one do that?!

  6. I agree, that frosting looks stunning! How did you make it so crisp and sharp! BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Thanks, whiskthepantry! And even though you’ve heard it – the movie is awesome! It was definitely one of my favorite movies of the year, if not my number 1.

  8. Hi, Erica! I use a large star tip – Ateco #829.

  9. Hi, veganlisa! I LOVE “The Hurt Latke”! And I do love me a good pun.

  10. Hi, Maurie! So sorry to continue the torture!

  11. Hi, Liz! I just use a large star tip and do a straight pipe rather than swirling it. As for the recipes, that took a lot of testing and tweaking…

  12. They’re adorable!