“Popped in the Air”

I love entertaining  – making lots of appetizers for parties, making dinner for friends, etc., and I really like to go all out when I do it.  In the past, I wasn’t that up for taking short-cuts when I entertained.  I guess I looked at it as cheating.

Now, with my business to run (and bake for), a dog, a cat and a very busy husband, I’ve gotten very comfortable with a few little easy fixes, especially when we’re making 10 dishes for the Oscars.  I think if you mix in some pre-made things with some great homemade stuff, you’re good to go.  And in the end, you’re feeding you’re friends!  They’re not going to worried about how much time you spent making the food.

This popcorn that we served as our dish for the film “Up in the Air” is the perfect example.  For some reason, this movie title totally stumped us – definitely not as easy to come up with as “Avo-tartare” or some of the other titles.  One of my friends asked if we did “Up in the Pear”, which I should have done, but didn’t think of!  (Rebecca, I’ll be calling you next year for input…)

What goes better with movies than popcorn?  And it is air-popped, so the title fits, right?  Whole Foods sells a great pre-seasoned popcorn, and I had no problem serving it alongside the dishes that I made from scratch.  Back in the day I would have felt that I had to make my own seasoning mix, but in the end, if it’s good, who really cares?  You don’t need to kill yourself, and I certainly have a better time when I take some of the pressure off.  And really, isn’t that the point?

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2 Responses to ““Popped in the Air””

  1. This whole Oscars series is so cute. I’ve enjoyed seeing what you came up with! I haven’t seen most of the best picture nominees, but I did see “Up in the Air,” which strengthened my undying lust for George Clooney. Yes to popcorn!


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