“Inglourious Crackers”

We’re into the second week of Oscar posts!  Doesn’t it feel like the Oscars was a year ago?  Maybe it’s just because I had a busy week, or maybe it’s because there were TEN best picture nominees that we made dishes for!  Either way, still going… Just a couple left and then on to St. Patty’s!

These “Inglourious Crackers”, made for the film “Inglourious Basterds”, are another old favorite that I made for the party.  I doubled the recipe this time and rolled them out much thinner than I usually do.  (Just imagine that the crackers pictured above about half as thick.) Then I proceeded to eat a ton of them.  I really prefer them thinner and more crispy, so I think that’s how I’ll make them from now on.  This recipe is so simple and so tasty.  How could I not make them again and again?

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3 Responses to ““Inglourious Crackers””

  1. I’m loving these names!

  2. I laughed when I read the title of this post… And those crackers sound so good I will have to make them soon.

  3. I love this film and when I saw the name of this cracker, I couldn’t resist a peek :) It looks delicious!