“A Sauteed Ban”…ana

Okay, guys – only two more Oscar Party posts!  I’m saving my favorite for tomorrow.  In the meantime, let’s talk about these bananas!

The title “A Serious Man” gave us serious trouble.  We weren’t huge fans of the movie (sorry if you liked it!), so we were going to do a drink – “A Serious Man… Sucks” – and just put a straw in it so you have to “suck” the drink – get it?  I felt like we could do better, or at least not start a bunch of heated conversations about the film.

So for “A Serious Man” we did “A Sauteed Ban”…ana.  I could have made banana bread, but I make that a lot and wanted to try something different.  There’s not much of a recipe for these.  I just sliced some really ripe bananas width-wise into discs, melted some Earth Balance margarine in a non-stick skillet over medium heat and added the banana once the margarine was melted.  I let them cook a bit, then turned each piece over (carefully!), and towards the end sprinkled some brown sugar over the slices to melt.

While these might not be the prettiest things to look at, they taste amazing!  Warm, buttery banana coated with brown sugar?  You really can’t go wrong.  They’re good enough to eat alone, but would also compliment a lot of other desserts, like chocolate or cinnamon flavored cakes.  I think next time I make these I’ll serve them over some non-dairy ice cream while they’re still hot, and then drizzle the whole thing with chocolate sauce.   As I’ve said before, fruit based desserts are usually my favorites to both make and eat, so it’s no surprise that I loved these!

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One Response to ““A Sauteed Ban”…ana”

  1. Yum! I used to love cooked bananas as a kid but it’s not something I’ve made for myself, I think this would make a great dessert.