You know what’s coming this weekend…  That’s right – it’s Super Bowl time!  Now I must admit that I’ve never actually been much of a football fan, but I’ve always been a food fan and game food is some pretty great food.  I don’t have anything against the actual game, but being the youngest of three girls meant that football wasn’t really a priority in my house (although my Dad’s always been a fan), and to be honest, I don’t really understand what’s going on when I watch the game.

This year our nephew is really into football, so my whole family has gotten on board in cheering for the teams like he likes.  Having watched a ton of games when we were home over the holidays I started to understand more about the game and found myself more and more interested.  So for once, I’m actually looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday in a way I haven’t before.

But let’s be real.  My excitement is pretty much always for the food.  Every day this week I’m going to post foods that would be great for a Super Bowl party, starting with these awesome pretzels.  I used the recipe in Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s “The Joy of Vegan Baking”.  It was really easy to follow and the finished product was super tasty.  Crunchy on the outside and soft and bread-y inside.  Here are the pretzels waiting for their bath in water and baking soda.

Speaking of water and baking soda, who knew mixing them together would end up looking like this?

After stirring them together I called Ryan in to see how cool the baking soda looked in the bowl, and he couldn’t resist seeing how a photo would turn out.  I think it looks pretty amazing.  It’s like a whole little galaxy in that bowl.  The light reflecting off the water looks the glowing stars.  Awesome.  But I digress…  back to the pretzels!

These would be great for any sports or non-sports watching party.  They taste great, don’t require forks and knives, and are fun to dip (yellow mustard is my favorite dip for these).  You can even make them ahead of time and freeze and reheat them just before eating.  Don’t be intimidated to make these.  They may look complicated, but  they aren’t, and I think they’re actually fun to make.  You can do whatever shape you like, and then impress your friends who will think you slaved over them!

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18 Responses to “Pretzels”

  1. They look perfect!!!

  2. Wow these look fantastic! Thank you so much for reviewing the recipe, I had this recipe flagged in my Joy of Vegan Baking but hadn’t gotten around to it – your pictures make me want to whip them out this weekend :)

  3. Would I be able to coerce you into sending me the recipe?

  4. I can’t see the recipe!! could you send it to me, please?? Thanks ;0))

  5. I love Colleen, but sadly I haven’t busted out her Joy of Vegan Baking in a while, and I haven’t ever tried to make pretzels. Thanks for bringing it to attention because it really is an awesome Super Bowl idea. I think I might have to try these for Sunday!

    Awesome ‘galaxy’ shot. I’ll have to keep my camera ready to grab my own!

  6. Hi, Elena. Unfortunately I can’t post the recipe since it’s in a cookbook. I tried to find it online, but didn’t have any luck. I do really recommend the book if you’re interested in purchasing it.

  7. I love your new website! The revoling pictures is cleaver and eye-catching. The pictures are so beautiful too. I am amazed how delious everything looks. You are a great cook.

  8. I LOVE ‘hot pretzels’ and these looks DELICIOUS! I’m sure the boys would love to make them as well – yummy!

  9. Kathryn McGraw 05. Feb, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Pretzels are one of my favorite things to eat and these look fantastic – much better than anything you could buy at a store! Perfect for parties too. Your website is amazing and the photos are gorgeous – they make my mouth water!

  10. What a great idea, I would have never thought of making my own soft pretzels. These are perfect for parties they would be a hit for sure with vegans and non alike.

    I will also leave out a bowl of water and baking soda as that too would be a hit for sure with vegans and non alike :)

  11. These are gorgeous!

  12. Thanks, Kathryn! I can only take credit for what’s in the photos since Ryan does all the photography for the blog. I know I’m going to have to eventually take over, but I’m so grateful that he’s willing to do it in the meantime.

  13. Hi, Bean! These are pretty yummy, and easy enough that you could definitely make them with the boys!

  14. Thanks so much, Jan!

  15. Hey, Lance! I love that book too (and Colleen), but I do have to remind myself to look through my books every now and then too!

  16. Looks great, I had to find the recipe! So for anyone else who may be looking to make these here it is :)
    Thanks for the fun post


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