Omar Little

We have a new addition to the family – meet Omar Little Suffern!  What a face on that guy!  Maya is still not sure what to make of him, but we’ve fallen in love.  We adopted him last week from the rescue organization All the Same, Wild and Tame, who had saved him from a kill shelter on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized.  We’ve wanted to adopt a dog for a long time now and finally felt we were ready.

While caring for him is definitely a commitment, it’s of course also so rewarding and worth every second.  But man are we tired!  He’s about a year old, so he’s full of energy that we have to try to keep up with.  We go on lots of walks, which has the added bonus of being as good for us as it is for him.

Since we don’t know what happened to him the first year of his life, we’re also dealing with some behavioral issues that are probably both a result of some kind of trauma and also just part of his adolescent age.  So if anyone has tips on training rescued dogs who need a bit more attention, or how to get your dog and cat to want to be friends, I WELCOME THEM.  Seriously!  Send me those tips!  Particularly the ones about how to stop barking in the middle of the night.

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41 Responses to “Omar Little”

  1. What kind of dog is Omar? He looks like my little cha-weiner. Half Daschund, half Chihuahua. Ours is also a rescue . Wish I could help more with the training tips. He is happy, healthy and well behaved now, but still barks if he thinks he heard an intruder.
    Thanks for rescuing him.

  2. I have 2 rescue Poms. The male I have had for 2 years, the female I have had for 1 month. There is a period of discovery when you are learning their personality and they, yours. I found it extremely helpful to have a leash on the dog at all times and furthermore have the new dog tied to my belt for the first week. That way she gets to know that I am the leader(alpha)I am the source of food, I say when to go outside and go pee(every hour the first week or so)
    I was dealing with a lot of food aggression and toy aggression the first week or so with the female. It’s so not cool considering I have children. I don’t tolerate aggression in any form from little dogs. If you aren’t the boss, they have a way of trying to take over.
    Watching “the Dog wisperer” on Nat Geo was very helpful in getting me to understand dog psychology. And simply knowing that they are dogs first then the breed, then (insert dog name here)It’s really important not to give them human emotions. it confuses them.
    I’d love to hear more about the issues you are starting to notice in him. I am currently working on leaving the dogs in the car while I leave for a minute. The Female FREAKS out. The male doesn’t care, but the new female is really bothered by comings and goings while she is in the car.
    Best of luck! Thanks for rescuing a dog!

  3. A Wire Watcher huh?

    Great name!

  4. Why hello little cutie pie :) He is adorable!

  5. So precious! Congratulations! I hope to get a doggie soon too.

  6. Hi, Lisa! Indeed – we loved The Wire. Thank you!

  7. Hi, goodskinla! Omar is also a cha-weiner! I hadn’t heard that name before, and now I think I have to use it all the time. For the most part he’s pretty good, he just gets freaked out when people come into the apartment and every now and then when he hears certain noises. I still want him to bark for the sake of our safety (like you said your dog barks if he thinks he hears an intruder), but we want to be able to control the barking otherwise. I think it’ll just take some time.

  8. Hi, Johnnie! Thanks for the helpful tips. We’re watching “The Dog Whisperer” whenever we can, although he ironically gets agitated by it because of the barking dogs. The main issues we have with him are barking at people who come over and at other dogs. It’s more of a freak out bark, and on walks he goes crazy with some dogs, but is totally fine with others. He nips, but doesn’t bite hard – mostly when he’s excited with us, but he’s also done it to a couple friends and it’s been aggression rather than excitement. I know that most of this will just take time as he learns to trust us and we continue to train him. Once he and our cat start getting along I’ll breath much easier, but I know that might take a while.

  9. Oh my goodness look at that face! What a little charmer! I’m afraid I don’t have any dog tips for you, but I do wish you the best of luck with your new baby (er, toddler?) and don’t forget to take pictures to share with us! ;)

  10. AWWW, what an adorable little guy. I’m pretty terrible with animals, so I admire people who bring unfamiliar pets into their homes and hearts. I’m inspired to do likewise one day.

    It gets tears in my eyes thinking that he was nearly euthanized!

  11. OMG, congratulations! You know I love a good rescue pup.

  12. What a face! What a smooshy kissy smoochy FACE!!!

    He is SO lucky to have you and you are so lucky to have you. I’m glad he is with someone who will understand and respect that he isn’t going to be ‘perfect’ the moment you get him. Poor little dogs can have it really rough, and it is our responsibility to give them the life they deserve. Good for you!

  13. What a sweetie! …and so lucky to have caring ‘parents’ – We have a Jack Russell and they can really be a handful too – Lots of exercise and interactive play are good for highly active dogs – we play lots of ball and tug of war with Jack – Jack sleeps with Scout so that probably cuts down on the nighttime barking – and hopefully once Omar is established and feels safe that will stop too…

    Best wishes!

  14. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Omar is so precious!

  15. I see people have already said this, but I will reiterate: watch the Dog Whisperer! It’s ridiculous how much of a dogs behavior is shaped by its owners demeanor. Also, Cesar is just fun to watch.

  16. Thanks, Vegyogini! He is a precious little guy…

  17. Thanks, Teresa! We’re trying to take him on lots of walks to tire him out. We’re hopeful that once he feels safe (and the cat feels safe enough with him that he can sleep in the bedroom), he’ll calm down. “Patience” is our mantra right now!

  18. Thanks, Voracious Vegan! I so agree that we have a responsibility to take care of these animals that really need help. We’re happy to have him in our life!

  19. Thanks, Melisser! I’ve been thinking a lot about little Strummer since we got Omar!

  20. Hey, Stacy! I know, I can’t really think about the fact that he was so close to not being here with us!

  21. Hi, K! Thanks for the good wishes. I’m already working on those pictures!

  22. Thanks, Foodeater! We’d wanted a dog for a long time and finally felt that we were ready. I can’t recommend it enough, even with some of the issues we’re having with him.

  23. Teeheeeheee! What beautiful eyes! Congratulations on your growing family.

    I have been dealing with my dog’s behavioral/mental health issues for two years (she’s not even a rescue, she’s just been crazy since birth, poor thing). My only advice would be keep up the walks to tire him out, and try a crate at night, if you don’t already. Even if she doesn’t want to go in at first, Ellie calms down once she’s in the crate because it’s a safe, dark, quiet place. Walks could be tricky if Omar isn’t accustomed to walking on a leash. Watching The Dog Whisperer helped us more than anything! (Even if you disagree with some of his methods, the man knows how to walk a dog.)

    Lucky you, and LUCKY OMAR! Enjoy your bonding time!

  24. Congrats guys! He is gorgeous!! Smudge sends her love and invites Omar to come play in the snow in New York anytime. xx

  25. love the fact that you named him after the best character on ‘the wire’! i hibernated in my house for a month straight watching nothing but that show.

  26. Hi, Erin! My husband and I did the same thing with that show. We couldn’t stop watching it! And Omar was by far our favorite, clearly. “A man’s gotta have a code”.

  27. Thanks, MacKenzie! We would love to bring him to meet Smudge!

  28. Congrats! I must meet the little guy!

  29. Welcome to the family Omar! Can’t wait to meet him :)
    The training will get easier…hang in there.

  30. Thanks, Rachelle! Hearing that it gets easier helps a lot!

  31. I have a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, too. He’s 5 now and a rescue. He still barks at thunder and car door slamming and takes up too much of the bed, but what a sweet doggie. I don’t know how someone could abuse him. Check out his blog:

  32. Hi, Barbara! Rocky is so cute! I’ll be sure to keep checking out your blog – makes me feel better about how many toys Omar chews through!

  33. He is so cute… everyone who has walked by my desk has made a comment. I still have the photo up… tee hee.

    Love your website, can’t wait to make the goat cheeze!

  34. i HIGHLy recommend you read the book “Don’t shoot the dog – the new art of teaching and training”.. Traumas in the first year are the hardest to get over for a dog (and for humans) but the tricks taught in that great book are totally working. All the best ! And congrats on adopting from a shelter…

  35. Hi, Barbara! I’m actually making my way through that book now (although a little slowly…). We’ve already seen a lot of progress from when we first brought Omar home, which gives us a lot of hope!

  36. how is the little cutie these days? i didn’t see this before, but if you still need help lemme now. we rescued a super duper dog with super duper special needs a few years ago. he is much much better these days, but has a long ways to go.



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