Cheezy Crackers

I first had these crackers at a vegan bake sale in Los Angeles last year.  They were made by the adorable Celine Steen of Have Cake Will Travel.  I’m around sweet stuff all the time, so I opted for one of the savory options on the table, and then I proceeded to inhale the entire bag once I got them home.  As Celine points out, these are truly addictive.  They have the perfect amount of pepper, and they’re also nice and cheesy from the addition of nutritional yeast.

Celine calls them “cheesy quackers”, because she uses a duck shaped cutter.  I only have round ones so mine are just crackers.  Not as fun without that “quack” but just as delicious!  I never thought I’d make homemade crackers, but these are super simple and very comparable to making biscuits.  They’re the perfect little party snack, great for Super Bowl Sunday, or any get together you might have.  I’d recommend making a double batch, because they’ll disappear quickly!

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13 Responses to “Cheezy Crackers”

  1. Did you use water or non-dairy milk in yours, Kim?

  2. Hi, Candy Baby! I used water for mine.

  3. so pretty! I hope we’ll meet again at the next bake sale.

  4. Those look wonderful! Thanks for all the great recipes — I love your site!

  5. Thanks, Nicole! I’m so glad you like the recipes.

  6. I’ve been meaning to make these for ages!

  7. Thanks, Celine! They wouldn’t even exist without you, so thanks for this awesome recipe! And I would love to see you at the next bake sale!

  8. I will try to make the crackers this week! Have a lot of vegan margarine at home and they look delicious :)


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