C’est La V at the Olympics!

That lucky Peanut Butter Brownie!  It got to go to the Olympics, and I didn’t…  Such is life.  Ryan was in Vancouver to shoot some stuff for a documentary he’s working on, and he was able to get a shot of one of his favorite treats getting in on the action too!

Between organizing everything for our taxes, dealing with Mr. Omar Little and just handling the regular workload, things have been pretty busy around here.  I’m working on some fun stuff for the blog that I hope to have up in the next week, so stay tuned.  I promise there’s some good stuff coming.

I’ve also been researching and testing gluten-free baked goods for C’est La V, and I’m contemplating try to go gluten free myself, for at least a trial period to see how I feel.  If any of you guys have tips or great sites that might help, I’d love to hear about them!  In the meantime, here’s another one of Ryan’s shots from Vancouver… pretty jealous I wasn’t there!

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8 Responses to “C’est La V at the Olympics!”

  1. hi kim, I really hope you won’t change all your baked goods over to gluten free. Unless someone has celiac disease there isn’t any reason to. I guess it is trendy right now but I hope that ends soon. gluten free baking just doesn’t taste as good. It also lacks fiber and some vitamins and minerals. I don’t know what your reasons are, but I hope you’re feeling ok and are not sick. I love buying your stuff at the farmers market and would really miss it if everything was gluten free.(especially the scones):)
    BTW gluten free flours also have a higher glycemic index.

  2. I love that there’s a vegan brownie at the Olympics!

  3. You win the gold medal for vegan baking :)

    I’m psyched you’re working on gluten-free recipes. If you decide to start selling gluten-free vegan items, I will be able to order some!

    There is a gluten-free support thread on the ppk, in the kitchen. You’ll find tons of links to blogs and sites there. The other day I posted a link to a really helpful article about gluten-free flours.

    Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Hi, Mary! Thanks for telling me about the PPK thread – I’ll check it out. I already have a few gluten-free items, but haven’t had a chance to update the online menu with them yet. I just get so many requests from customers for more gluten-free options that I want to at least try to make more!

  5. Hi, Debbie! I’m definitely not going all gluten-free with C’est La V stuff! I just want to have some other GF options because I can’t tell you how many people ask each week about gluten-free items at the market. And I hope that I won’t have to give up wheat, but I just want to see if I feel any different since I have a few health issues that I’ve read are very affected by it – namely allergies and low thyroid. I’m hoping wheat isn’t an issue for me, but I know I’ll feel better if I just find out and stop wondering about it!

  6. I’m so sorry you are having health issues. I hope they get resolved quickly. I am happy to hear not all your stuff is going gluten free. yeah! Hope to see you this sunday.

  7. WOW….that brownie looks soooooo yummy! I will definitely have to give that gold award winner a try :) Sorry you were not able to pose in front of the Olympic torch with your medal….maybe next time!

  8. If anyone can make vegan AND gluten-free taste delicious, it’s Kim. Girl won’t settle for anything less than delicious, especially since she’s eating it too. ;)