Back from Vacation!


The end of Vegan MoFo just happened to coincide with a vacation that Ryan and I had been planning for a few months.  We went down to Venice, Florida, where my parents have a house in which they spend a good part of the winter.  (If you’ve ever been through a Chicago winter, you understand why!)  They were there along with my sister’s family, so we got to spend some much needed time with everyone, including our two adorable nephews.

As a result of being away, I’m now trying to catch up with work – including blogging.  I’m excited to start posting Thanksgiving recipes this month, so keep your eye out for those.  In the meantime, I thought I’d post this photo that Ryan took at Sharky’s On The Pier - one of our favorite places to have cocktails in Venice.  He posted a series of photos from the trip on his blog, and just looking at all of them makes me wish we were back on vacation!

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5 Responses to “Back from Vacation!”

  1. sounds freaking fantastic!! glad you had a great time (and some warmer weather).

  2. mmmmmm….. warm weather……..

  3. Umm yes. I hear that Chicago winter.

  4. Hope you had a great time!

  5. We miss you guys SO much!