Strawberry Loaf with White Chocolate Chips

Strawberry Loaf

I love strawberries, but no matter how many I eat, I always seem to have a bunch left-over in the fridge.  I usually end up dealing with them once half of them are past saving, and I cut the rest up and throw them in the freezer for smoothies.  I know that next time I shouldn’t buy as many, but then I’m at the farmer’s market, and they look and smell so good – I just can’t resist, and I do the whole thing all over again.

I was recently contacted by the California Strawberry Commission about my balsamic strawberries.  They’re doing a free iPhone app featuring strawberry recipes and wanted to include my recipe!  They also have a twitter account where they often post links to interesting recipes and tips, and that’s what led me to end up making this loaf.

We were having people over, and I wanted to make some sort of dessert that would be easy to make and easy to serve.  I had a bunch of strawberries sitting in the fridge, on the path to a slow death, and I came across this recipe on twitter.  The recipe wasn’t vegan, and I didn’t have any bananas on hand, so I compared it Isa Chandra’s Bakery-Style Berry Muffins from Vegan Brunch.  I figured it would be easier to use that recipe and just add the white chocolate chips, subbing strawberry soy yogurt for the vanilla that I usually use.

This was a monster loaf – I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but this thing was busting out of it’s pan. It was so moist and yummy.  I sliced it and had in on a plate in the kitchen, and every time I would turn around, another piece was gone.  I finally gave in and put it out, and before I knew it, the whole thing had vanished.

Next time I have strawberries I’ll make this loaf or make muffins.  It’s so simple to put together and tastes so good!  The combination of strawberries and white chocolate almost makes it taste like a strawberries and cream cake.  You can also make this with frozen berries, so when I store up enough of my little bags of forgotten and frozen fruit, I’ll know I can give them new life with this recipe.

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18 Responses to “Strawberry Loaf with White Chocolate Chips”

  1. That looks amazing. I might have to try that for Thanksgiving. Everybody loves pumpkin but I am not a huge fan. A strawberry loaf would be perfect!

  2. that sounds so lovely! i very rarely, if ever, use strawberries in baking, and strawberries & cream–wow!–i need to change my baking ways!

  3. I’m really missing strawberry season here. During the springs I used to work at a produce stand that sort of specialized in u-pick strawberries. After awhile you’d get tired of looking at them and stop eating them. The result is that I get my strawberry cravings when they’re gone! And store-bought California berries just don’t taste the same.

  4. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! Not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that I can’t find vegan white chocolate chips. ;)

  5. OH WOW! I am SO drooling over here! I LOVE the combo of white chocolate and strawberries, pure genius! What a lovely photo, wish I could try a bit of that beautiful cake. Congratulations on your recipe!

  6. Wow that is amazing

  7. Sounds so tasty! What size pan did you use, and did you alter the baking temp or time in any way? I always have frozen strawberries and want to try making a delicious loaf like yours!

  8. Hi, Clea! I used a paper loaf pan that’s close to the size of a standard loaf pan. I think they’re normally 9 x 5 or something like that? I had to bake this for much longer than the time specified, since it was so huge. It took over 40 minutes, but I didn’t keep track of exactly how long. I just kept checking on it, and once a cake tester came out clean I took it out.

  9. That is so gorgeous!

  10. It looks huge and delicious! I love strawberries too and have always the same problem, good tip :)

  11. Strawberries are my absolute favorite food ever on planet Earth. I am the same way in June, when I see them at the market and I think eating a quart a day by myself sounds reasonable. damn, they go bad quickly!

  12. Oh my, that is gorgeous!

  13. oh. my. goodness. I need to go out and get strawberries right away so I can eat an entire loaf of this to myself! It looks beautiful.

  14. This is such a beautiful picture! I made blueberry white chocolate muffins a while ago, next time I’ll try to make a loaf from the recipe. And I will definitely give your strawberry version a try. Now I wish it was still summer!


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