I finally made a Trifle!


I’ve been obsessed with trifles for a long time.  For years I would save cake scraps in the freezer (much to Ryan’s annoyance), just waiting for the day when I would use them in this amazing dessert.  But I didn’t have a trifle dish, so that was my excuse.  Then I finally got one, however, now the problem was that it would make so much and I hardly had an occasion to need such a large dessert.  This thing feeds a crowd, but when we’d have a crowd over, I wouldn’t have time to make one.  See the pattern here?

Last week I saw this post on the Post Punk Kitchen message boards, and I got inspired.  I had a bunch of mini cupcake orders last week, so with each batch I made a little more than I needed and also recruited the less than perfect cupcakes that I wouldn’t want to serve.  I had chocolate and banana pudding mixes in the cabinet, and a Soyatoo carton in the fridge.  I layered vanilla cupcakes, chocolate pudding, chocolate cupcakes, banana pudding, velvet cupcakes (red velvet minus the food coloring), and then the Soyatoo, which I whipped with a tablespoon of vanilla extract.  I topped the whole thing off with grated bittersweet chocolate.


I think this would have been even better with some fruit thrown into the mix, like strawberries or cherries. Next time I make a trifle I’ll plan ahead and take the time to make homemade pudding or custard.  These puddings were okay, but I could really taste the soy in the chocolate pudding.  I also didn’t have time to let the puddings chill as long as they should have, which would have helped with their flavor.

I have more trifle ideas (black forest!), and now that I’ve tackled one I’m really excited to make more.  It’s a dessert that looks so impressive, and really isn’t too difficult to put together.  Plus it makes a ton, so it would be great for the holidays. (There were three of us eating this last night and we didn’t even put a dent in it.)  I think the key is making the cakes and puddings ahead of time.  Assembling everything is really easy.  Once I finally made this one, I couldn’t stop staring at it.  Is there anything better than cake, pudding and whipped cream?!  I can’t believe it took me so long to make one!

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17 Responses to “I finally made a Trifle!”

  1. OMG, this is so delicious! It looks perfect in the glass dish.

  2. Oh so pretty! I’ve never made a trifle but I would love to, they are tasty and just stunning! Thanks for the inspiration, lovely photos.

  3. Wow! You are brave! I have never made a triffle, I have always been a little intimidated of them

  4. so gorgeous. how did you deal with the cupcakes? slice ‘em, crumble ‘em?


  5. Here’s a recipe for the most decadent trifle evar!

    If you can figure out how to veganize this, let me know!

  6. Yeah- I just love trifles! Your´s looks divine! Yumm!

  7. Hi, kittee! They were minis, so I left them whole and just put every other one upside down so they’d be as close as possible. I think it would be a lot easier to make a loaf-shaped cake and just cut slices.

  8. Hi, Maria! I almost talked about that trifle in my post. I saw that episode years ago and have been dreaming about making that ever since! I’ll have to try to make that my next trifle. Hopefully I’ll get around to it in less time than it took me to make this one!

  9. Trifles, snifles, you must have a great Dad!

  10. Um – YUM! So will you be making this for your adorable nephews (and their awesome mom) when you are home over the holidays? Yes? Oh, great, thanks!

  11. That PPK thread intrigued me too! Your trifle looks delicious.

  12. I am a total sucker for trifles, parfaits, and anything layered. But I never make any myself because they always seem like a lot of work and I dont have a good container for them. This looks awesome!!!

  13. Wow…it looks amazing! I’m definitely putting this on the to-do list! It looks like a perfect holiday dessert….or a “i need to pig out on something sweet, from a giant container, while i watch a movie” dessert ;)

  14. That is just gorgeous!!!

    I want.


  15. I love trifles! This looks great!


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