Bakin Wrapped Dates stuffed with Bleu Cheeze

Bacon Wrapped Dates1

Recently when I was buying our produce at the Market, I passed by the date stand (Dates by Davall) and thought I’d take a look.  The woman at the stand encouraged me to try the samples, and I have to admit I was a little freaked out to eat one plain. I’d read about them since they’re used so much in raw cooking, and I’d eaten them in other things – just never on their own.

With that bite of date, I’m pretty sure my life changed.  It tasted amazing!  It was like eating a piece of caramel candy.  It’s no small secret that I have a raging sweet tooth.  To think that I’d been missing out all this time, that all those nights I wanted something sweet I could have been eating dates, which are so much healthier than what I’d used to deal with sugar cravings.  It was a revelation.

Apart from eating them plain and using them for date cake (more on that in another post), I remembered bacon wrapped dates.  I’d never actually had one – dates freaked me out, remember – but I’d had bacon wrapped water chestnuts back in my meat eating days.  I looked up recipes to get a frame of reference and saw that many of them called for stuffing the dates with things like almonds or blue cheese.

You can certainly make your own tempeh bacon, but these are super easy when you use LightLife’s smoky tempeh strips.  I used Sunergia Soy Bleu as the “cheese” stuffing.

Bacon Wrapped Dates2

All you have to do is cut the dates to remove the pit, stuff a little piece of blue “cheese” in the opening, close it back up and wrap it in about half a slice of tempeh bacon.  You can secure the pieces with a toothpick if putting them seam side down isn’t enough to hold them together.

I baked these at 400 degrees for about ten minutes or so, but they could probably go a little bit longer.  (I ended up reheating them after Ryan took the photos, and I liked them a bit crisper.)  Just check them to see if the tempeh bacon is crisping up, or take them out while it’s still soft if you prefer it that way.

These were SO good.  I couldn’t believe how much the filling tasted like real blue cheese, and the smoky flavor of the tempeh bacon complemented the sweet dates perfectly.  I would be happy to serve these at a party, both because they’re so delicious, and also so easy!  Next time I might even try baking them with a little barbecue sauce, which sounds awesome to me!

This is the kind of recipe that I would never think I would be able to eat as a vegan, and it’s always pretty great to get one of those back.

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17 Responses to “Bakin Wrapped Dates stuffed with Bleu Cheeze”

  1. i’ve never eaten a date either! that vegan bleu cheese is really good so i imagine this is a great treat! must make!

  2. OMG! That sounds amazing!! I have some Sheese bleu cheese at home, maybe I’ll try these with that. :)

  3. Dates are AWESOME! I love them every which way. I don’t have access to any bakin or soy blue cheese…I wish I did because this looks fantastic. Beautiful photos!

  4. I always pass by that date stand at the market but never stop because, just like you, I’ve never tried a plain date. I have them almost daily in my smoothies but they are chopped up into oblivion. This recipe looks awesome–AND I just got some of Dr. Cow’s tree cheese that is similar to blue cheese, so I think this recipe will be made in my near future. It will force me to try one of the dates in my fridge whole–scary!!

  5. P.S. I haven’t been to your stall at the farmer’s market because I gained 900 pounds scarfing down trays of your cookies all day at work and need to stay away from the sweets for a bit. But I’l stop by and say hi this weekend!

  6. you are killing me. Those look amazing!

  7. ILikeGoodFood 21. Oct, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Date syrup. Have you tried it? Oh, man… drizzled on a vegan blue cheese and tart cherry salad, or on waffles or pancakes. I heard a rumor they are offering free shipping next week when they start selling it online.

  8. I eat raw dates all the time. Now I wish I could lay my hands on that cheese.

  9. i haven’t ever had a date in anything, that i can recall. these look FREAKING AMAZING though. wow, what a great idea!

  10. Oh man, I’m not really a date person but this looks so absolutely amazing!

  11. This looks incredible!!! I use to think that dates look like cockroaches and now I love them!-still they remind me of cockroaches though!


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