Apple Cake Bars


Back at the end of August (was it really that long ago?), I wrote about our trip to Santa Barbara wine country and Ditmar’s Apple Farm.  These are some of the beautiful Gala apples we purchased on the trip.  I meant to write about the apple cake that I made after that trip, but the post ended up getting lost in the shuffle. Thanks to Vegan MoFo, it’s found the light of day!  The timing actually seems just right, since fall is finally here and a spicy apple cake seems like just the thing.

More than once this year I’ve called my Mom and said something along the lines of, “Hey, you remember that rhubarb cake you used to make?  Do you still have the recipe?”  She always does, and promptly sends it my way.  Once I saw those apples, I was reminded of an apple pan dowdy that my mom used to make. Apparently the name “pan dowdy” comes from the fact that the cakes aren’t so pretty, and in fact a little “dowdy” looking.


She told me that the recipe was actually my Aunt Marsha’s, famous for her popcorn and pancakes (both were heaven when I used to spend a couple weeks of the summer on her farm), and also her apple pie.  None of our family recipes are vegan, at least that I’m aware of, so whenever I get one there’s a good deal of tweaking that goes on.  I wanted to make cakes in my mini loaf pan so that I could bring them to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, and I ended up adjusting the recipe each week to try to get it just right.  This cake is better with really messy, syrupy apples, but they’re kind of hard to package that way.


I’m still working on this recipe, but I’ll be sure to come back and post it once I have the perfect version.  In the meantime, it was still really delicious, and incredibly moist – and that’s coming from a person who’s not a huge fan of apple desserts.  It was so satisfying to buy the apples right where they were grown, from the man who grew them, and then to use them in a family recipe.  The best way to bake, in my opinion.

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10 Responses to “Apple Cake Bars”

  1. I do that too! And my mom always has the recipes as well- must be a mom thing! The cake looks so cute baked in a mini-pan. I am looking forward to the recipe. :)

  2. I love apples! I’m going to look up the apple farm; that seems like such a nice day trip. I haven’t been to Santa Barbara in a couple years and I used to live there when I went to school at UCSB.

  3. Looks great — I heart apples!

  4. Oh yum, I can’t wait for the recipe. I love apple desserts.

  5. Those look fantastic, I can’t wait for the recipe either. This reminds me that I absolutely need to go apple-picking.

  6. Can’t wait fur your perfect version of these!


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