Tempeh Pate


The next dish that I made for our Hollywood Bowl Picnic was the tempeh pate from the Native Foods Cookbook.  This is one of my favorite recipes, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve made this.  We’ve eaten it in Palm Springs wraps (Ryan’s favorite), I’ve baked it in puff pastry, served it on crostini and have also just put it out with crackers like I did yesterday.

This is my favorite way to eat tempeh, and the recipe isn’t hard to make at all.  You start by searing the tempeh patties, dousing them in a ginger and garlic loaded soy sauce mixture, and then dicing them up to mix with vegan mayo, green onions, dill, salt and whatever other fixings you might like.  We’ve served this to many non-vegetarians, and it’s always a hit, even though they usually have no idea what tempeh is.  I always tell them to just trust me and try it, and they’re never disappointed when they do.

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2 Responses to “Tempeh Pate”

  1. Man, you do your Hollywood Bowl picnics fancy! :) Everything looks delicious. I’m doing well to make anything to take to the Bowl… usually we have to grab a veggie sandwich since I get off work and we have to drive an hour to there. Speaking of which, we haven’t yet been to the Bowl this season. Gonna have to change that!

  2. Mm, that sounds fabulous!