Vegas & Vegan Donuts!


We went to Vegas for my cousin’s wedding this past weekend (congrats Michael and Sheraleen!) and of course made a stop at Ronald’s Donuts!  I’d never been there before, but Ryan had brought some back for me on a past trip.  Normally I’m more a fan of cake donuts, but these things are pretty amazing.  We got raspberry jelly, sugar, and chocolate iced with cream filling, and we devoured them all in one sitting.  I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who could tell that these are vegan.  I’m sad that they’re gone, but I know that if we’d gotten more I wouldn’t be able to not eat them all at once.  Baking is already taking a toll on these hips (nothing like wearing a bikini in Vegas to make you realize that), so it’s probably best that I go easy on the donuts!


And here’s an iPhone shot Ryan took of one of our favorite things in Vegas – the fountains at the Bellagio, with Paris in the background.  We’d just seen the show “O”, which is now one of our other favorite things there.  A sight like this makes it’s easier to put up with our less favorite things about that town – the crowds, the heat, smokey casinos and boobs all up in ya’ face.  Ah, Vegas, I miss you already…

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8 Responses to “Vegas & Vegan Donuts!”

  1. Sweeet! I am going to Vegas in September and are going to get me some donuts!

  2. I can’t believe I’ve had them a bunch of times, but have never been there!

  3. I totally OD’d on Ronald’s after my last trip. I didn’t see any raspberry jelly donuts, though, and I want one!

    I wish I wasn’t such an old woman who goes to bed no later than midnight so I could get there at 4:30am when they open and have a donut right out of the fryer.

  4. “boobs all up in ya’ face”


    That raspberry donut sounds amaaaaazing

  5. I don’t know what is more gorgeous-the donuts or the LA campsite!

  6. hello, I’m french and I’m sorry if I speak english not very well.
    These donuts seem to be amazing ! We don’t have this in France. What a pity !!

  7. Next time you are in Vegas you should let me know. I can recommend some pretty tasty places to eat.

    Also there has been a Veggie Thing mix-up. We both posted Ronalds donuts but your photo ended up attached to my post. I reported it to Alex because I did not want to take credit for your photo(which was much more beautiful than mine!).

    Much Love!

  8. I will definitely contact you next time I go to Vegas – I’d love some recommendations! I hadn’t checked Veggie Thing yet today so I didn’t see the mix up, but I appreciate you contacting Alex about it. And thanks for the photo compliment (my husband does all the photography so I’ll pass that one to him, but your photo looks tasty too!) Ah, if only I’d gotten more donuts… The big box you posted looks so good!