Hugo’s Tacos & Hugo’s Restaurant


Ah, Hugo’s Tacos -  so good, so fast, and so affordable.  We love this place, and like both of Hugo’s Restaurants, there are lots of vegan options.  It’s also a great place to go if not everyone in your group is vegetarian, because there’s something for everyone.  Another bonus is that Hugo’s uses really high quality ingredients, and you feel that you’re getting a really healthy meal even though it tastes decadent.  This picture is of the bowl, which I like to get sans cheese, although they do offer Follow Your Heart, which I want to try this with one of these days.  We always get an order of chips on the side, and they’re perfect to use instead of a fork to eat this with.  They have several filling options (I like the soy chorizo & potato combo) and several salsa options (pico de gallo for me).  This is one of those places that I would really miss if we didn’t live in LA.


We also have to throw Hugo’s Restaurant(s) on that list as well.  Like their taco stand, this is a great place to bring people for dinner because the menu has so many options.  People in your group won’t complain about having to eat vegan food, and you can actually choose what you want since they have more than one vegan item on the menu, which can be rare at “regular” restaurants.  This photos is of the very green casserole, one of my favorite things to get at Hugo’s.  It’s so tasty and comforting.  The veggie patty that they use is amazing.  It’s so good that I’d actually consider getting it on it’s own.  I usually shy away from ordering veggie burgers because they’re usually not that great, but this patty is crispy and yummy.  I wrote about both of these dishes for Veggie Thing because they’re two of my favorites that I get over and over again.  We’re lucky to live so close to both of these places, but even if we didn’t, it would be worth the trek!

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4 Responses to “Hugo’s Tacos & Hugo’s Restaurant”

  1. I liked the Taco stand, but wasn’t blown away by the restaurant! Maybe I needed to try something else.

  2. The restaurant’s avocado hummus wrap is pretty fantastic and definitely worth trying.

  3. WE LOVE HUGO”S TACO”S. I always order the soy chorizo taco’s and my husband order’s the soy chorizo bowl ( NO CHEESE). We actually just went to HUGO’S restaurant twice this past weekend. We went to the Studio City location and the West Hollywood location.I ordered the TAMALE PLATE and the VEGGIE BURGER. The tamale plate is one of my all time favorite dishes in the world.

  4. I agree – Hugo’s Tacos is a great place to visit. It’s on top on my favorites list.