Ensalada Azteca on Veggie Thing


I’m very excited to announce that a website I’ve been contributing to for Citysearch launched today!  It’s called Veggie Thing, and it features great vegan dishes in different towns across the country.  It also has links to lots of other great blogs, and my favorite part – tons of photos of amazing looking food.  I’ve really enjoyed contributing to this venture, and I hope you enjoy reading about all the great vegan food out there!

One of my posts for them was this Native Foods Ensalada Azteca.  It isn’t the first thing I’d think to order off the menu – I’m more of a fried faux-chicken kind of girl – but this salad is amazing!  I can almost taste it again as I look at this photo.  I love Native Foods.  Tanya’s cookbook is one of our favorites, so much so that it’s falling apart because of how much we use it.  The food is awesome, and everyone who works there has always been great to us.  The only downside is that it’s a bit of a drive for us.  Even so, it’s totally worth it!

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3 Responses to “Ensalada Azteca on Veggie Thing”

  1. I saw this on the website and it looks awesome!

  2. i love this salad too! in fact, i just made it this week and is probably the only salad i’ll ever make out of a cookbook. the mango lime vinaigrette is amazing. lovely photo by they way!

  3. A non-vegan just mentioned this salad to me on a photo shoot today! How funny! Hooray for Veggie Thing Dictators!