Every Sunday morning we walk up to the Farmer’s market to get our produce for the week, and this morning, the weather was absolutely perfect!  To make a good start to the day even better, when we got to the market we found the first cherries of the season!  In California, we’re really lucky to have a lot of produce year round, or at least longer than you can get it most other places.  The downside is that it’s easy to take some things for granted, because you can have them whenever you want.  But cherries are only here for what feels like a very short time, and I love them!  In fact while Ryan was taking this photo, I stood at the kitchen counter and ate every last one that didn’t fit in this bowl.  They make me feel like it’s summer (even though I know it’s only spring), and having grown up in Chicago, there was nothing I loved more than summertime.  Now I can start the countdown to peaches!

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3 Responses to “Cherries!”

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on some cherries!! Yay for cherry season!

  2. aw! i also went to the farmers market (in claremont) this morning and saw cherries! i even sampled a few. i only ended up buying a bunch of sunflowers though. you’re realllyyyy making me wish i got the cherries!

  3. That’s a beautiful bowl of cherries! I was at the Hollywood Farmers Market too this weekend (and every weekend!). I saw that cherries had shown up already too. I do a post each week on my blog too from the Market. I chose purple asparagus. I am so glad to have found this blog…GREG