Reduced Fat Vegenaise


We went to Follow Your Heart for lunch yesterday, and I got a few goodies from the market, including this new Reduced Fat Vegenaise.  I probably should have known that this was going to be coming out, but I didn’t, so I was super happy to find out about it.

I don’t really know how to convey how awesome Vegenaise is with just words, but I’m going to try.  It’s definitely something we couldn’t live without.  A lot of times people will say that they could be vegan if only the food was good, or if only they knew what to eat and cook.  There are certain staples they rely on, and they aren’t aware of alternatives for these things.

I can understand this, because I used to feel much the same way.  Fortunately there are some amazing products out there that really make being vegan easy, and Vegenaise is one of them.  The first time I tried it I wasn’t even vegan, and I couldn’t believe how much better it tasted to me than regular mayo, and it’s better for you too.  It makes veganizing any non-vegan recipe that contains mayonnaise incredibly easy, because it’s a more than perfect substitute.  It doesn’t even deserve to be called a substitute, because it’s that good.  It’s awesome.  It makes for a killer sandwich, especially mixed with a little pesto or any other flavorings you can think to add.

Now, the only drawback is that it’s not exactly going to make you super skinny to eat a ton of it.  It’s probably best in moderation (as is regular mayo), but now that they have a reduced fat version I’m thinking I don’t have to worry so much about that.  I will try to remember the wise words that my dad has been telling my sisters and I for our whole lives, “Everything in moderation”, but maybe with this reduced fat version I can increase my standards of what’s moderate?

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12 Responses to “Reduced Fat Vegenaise”

  1. Hallelujah! You could never tell the difference of Vegenaise from regular mayo. Such a miracle. Too bad they’re a tad pricey, but oh so worth it. What are your favorite sandwich combos? Your pesto idea sounds brilliant.


  2. How does the reduced fat taste?!

  3. Hi, Melisser! I’m waiting to open it until I finish the Vegenaise that I already have open in the fridge. As soon as I taste it I’m going to do an update post. I kind of can’t wait, but I don’t want to end up having either of the jars go bad.

  4. Hi, Natalie! I usually just make Tofurky sandwiches with vegenaise, romaine, salt and pepper. If I have tomato or avocado I’ll throw that in there too. I used to hate BLTs, but now I love them with heirloom tomatoes, lots of salt and pepper, Vegenaise and Lightlife Organic Smokey Tempeh Strips. My favorite sandwich might be grilled veggies with lots of Vegenaise and homemade pesto. I use eggplant and yellow and green summer squash. I do really thin strips of the veggies and layer it, as opposed to huge chunks.

  5. I love this stuff!
    I have not gone to Follow Your Heart yet, but I plan to go soon!

    I emailed the company from the website and asked for coupons and they answered me and I gave my street address and in a few days I had coupons for vegenaise, salad dressing, and other products and recipes.


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