Grilled Teese!


I’ve been meaning to make this sandwich all month since April is National Grilled Cheese month, which I didn’t know until my sister sent me an article about it a few weeks ago.  When I realized that today was the last day of the month, and that there were only a few more hours of good light for a photo, I frantically made this sandwich.  Also, I was starving, which added to the frenzy.

I bought some Cheddar Teese from Locali probably over a month ago.  I really wanted to try the Mozzarella flavor, but they were sold out, so I thought I’d give the Cheddar a try.  Now, I have to say that I was a huge cheddar lover back in the day.  I could eat a whole block (or two) of the stuff, mild or sharp.  One boiling hot summer in Chicago I think every meal I ate for weeks was just green grapes and sharp cheddar, so I’m probably a bit of a harsh critic for this particular flavor.  That being said, I did think it was okay, but definitely not a substitute for real cheddar – at least not for me.  It was good in the grilled cheese, though.  I probably would only eat it melted in things and not at room temperature.  I still want to try the Mozzarella… when is National Pizza month?

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3 Responses to “Grilled Teese!”

  1. gosh, there’s a national month for everything nowadays! i have yet to have a vegan grilled cheese (i never liked it as an omni), maybe this will inspire me!

  2. Teese’s nacho sauce is sooo good! I tried the mozzarella and it was only okay. I’m a big fan of Cheezly. I loved cheese and crackers and salami back in the day. The best substitute: Field Roast sun dried tomato deli slices with shaved Cheezly cheddar and fake bacon. Mmm! Oh, and with Mezzeta’s Italian olive antipasto – it’s got a spciy taste that reminds of the spices they must use to make salami. You can find those olives at World Market and Ralph’s. Yum!


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