Potato Leek Soup with White Truffle Oil

This soup is from a cookbook that was pretty life-changing for me – Marilu Henner’s “Healthy Life Kitchen”.  I stumbled upon it at a book store years ago, and found the information it contained fascinating.  It’s not a vegan cookbook – but it is dairy free.  There are recipes for chicken and fish (which we were still eating at the time), but no other types of meat.  I read about why she didn’t recommend consuming dairy and thought, “Well that’s really convincing and makes total sense, but I don’t think I could ever do it.”  Once I made the recipes, I realized that I could do it and not only eat well, but eat food that tasted better than what I was used to.

As someone who really knew nothing about healthy food, this was a great book to start with.  The recipes are not difficult, the food tastes amazing, and the tone of the book is non-judgmental and really approachable.  I completely related to her stories of going home to Chicago and eating her way through the town – from Walker Brothers Pancake House to deep dish Chicago pizza – and then feeling terrible afterwards!  I eventually bought and read all of her books, and use them all the time.  Even though we don’t eat meat anymore, the books are still a great resource.

This soup is a perfect example of that.  It is so simple, so delicious and 100% dairy free.  I don’t even add the soy milk that it calls for, and it’s still super creamy.  It’s also good for you.  It’s just leeks sauteed in a little Earth Balance, vegetable broth, new potatoes, salt, pepper, nutmeg and chives.  I probably reduce it’s “healthy-ness” once I put some truffle oil on top, but I just can’t resist.  I have a problem with truffle oil; I want to put it on everything.  It’s become a joke between Ryan and me.  Whenever dinner is ready and we’re about to sit down, I always say, “Do you know what would make this even better?”  Always, truffle oil.

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4 Responses to “Potato Leek Soup with White Truffle Oil”

  1. Truffle oil sounds so fancy. I saw some at my natural foods store; I’ll have to try it.

  2. Hi, Mary! You should definitely try it! We bought it at our local farmer’s market. He had samples one day that hooked us, and it actually wasn’t that expensive. Now I use it all the time. It really does dress things up and add another depth of flavor.


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